Q: cilicking noise from inside the dashboard on 2004 Nissan Titan

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I recently p urchased a 2004 nissan titan se, but everytime now when i turn the AC switch on to control the airflow before starting it starts making this loud clicking sound from inside the dashboard then stops . Sometimes when i turn the truck off it starts again for a couple of seconds . some of my friends said there might something be stuck in the fan . Could someone help me diagnose the problem there are no check engine lights on.
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I had a 04 S.E. and had the same problem. There is a vent door just above and to the right of your gas pedel behind the heater controls. If it clicks for about 5seconds there are probably some little plastic gears or something that are stripped. I traded mine in before I took it apart. It worked fine for the life of the truck, just a little irritating.
I have a 2007 Titan Crew Cab. It has the clicking noise under the dash of the driver's side. I just recently had it in the shop for the gas tank recall. They ran a diagnostics on the clicking and said the mode door actuator needing replacing. They told me the part is $35.00 and the labor is $400.00. Said it would take about 4 hours to replace. They also told me that it would not affect the function of the A/C or heat. I guess I will just have to live with that annoying clicking...Bummer!
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