Q: chugging while a/c and defrost are on on 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

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codes ran on computer said cam postition sensor was bad- replaced 2 times incase first was bad- is still chugging when trying to run heat or air.
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Hi, What did you find was causing the problem? Is the compressor OK? Was the check engine light coming on when it was running poorly?
Can you post the diagnostic code that is causing the check engine light to come on?
Have you tried purchasing the cam sensor at the Ford Dealership?
What engine do you have in your Mountaineer?
still having same problem- can not plug in cig. lighter, roll down windows, or run heater with out vechicle chugging like its about to stall. ford garage said that i am supose to have a 3 prong plug in for the cam sensor but i only have 2 prongs- only found 1 supply house with a replacement 2 prong plug in cam sensor and thats what i replaced 2 times. check engine light has been on constantly since having problems- replaced fuel filter today just incase that may be the problem- but no luck- any ideas????? its starting to get cold out and cant go with out the darn heater!!!