Q: "chugging" sound when start the engine on 2004 Toyota Camry

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Last 3x's I started the car there is a brief, but pronounced chugging sound just before the engine turns over. The car starts and seems to be running fine---just this new, unusual sound...

I bought the car used and believe it still has the original battery.

Thank you for your assisstance.

(2) Answers
Sometimes the when the battery is about to fail it will turn the engine over slowly and sound funny, either the battery or the starter could be going bad
When there hesitation in starting, the first place to look is the battery. Trouble starting can definitely be caused by an old/weak battery, and replacing it may solve your problem. if the battery has never been replaced, it is definitely long in the tooth.

However, it may something else in the starting/charging system.
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