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I just had to register to comment on our 2007 signature series van.110,000 miles..I am amazed that anyone has a 2007 Chrysler van that is good..We had one of the first Dodge vans and was satisfied but these are the problems we have had with this one !.. Replaced radiator,Front Rotors( warped) , all brake pads,Rt sliding door lock motor, repaired Lt sliding door wiring harness 3 times for breaks in wires, replaced both front wheel speed sensors,(Drivers side sliding door lock motor failed today) Road noise is bad, Uses 1qt per 1000 miles,Trans slaps into low gear jerking everyone, Engine knocks when cold, Loud whining noise in engine area now( Maybe power steering pump) ,Front left side pops loudly when first backing out, underpowered compared to Toyota and Honda vans.(a lot of these problems happened before 50,000 miles. Chrysler has lost me as a customer in the future and according to a lot of the post /they have lost quite a few more.They have given American cars a bad name. As a mechanic I know that Vans are machines that will have some problems but come on ,this is over the top! I feel sorry for the people that cant repair their own and have dumped their money into these pieces of junk. I would love to see a class action law suit against this company for their lack of responsibility towards their customers ! FOOL ME ONCE, NEVER AGAIN!
my van always saking
I bought car new, have had it 7 years and 86,700 miles. Replaced
Brakes and Rotors at 56,000 miles, had trans flushed at 60,000 miles
Only problem I've had is my leather seats have vinyl on bolsters ,
driver seat bolster cracked after this last really cold winter. Car
had 80,000 miles on it.I got rid of the original garbage YOKOHAMA tires at 35,000 miles, put on Cooper 's and there still perfect. I do
maintain it well, and it has taken my wife and I all over the country, and 26-28 mpg on highway. Everything still works perfect on it. I am
going to trade it in on a new Dodge journey AWD , after the last few
I bought car new, it has 86,500 miles and has been best car I have owned. Put brakes and rotors on at 55,000 miles , I had a problem at 84,000 miles where gauge said I was overheating, it wasn't , it was a bad sending unit. It has taken us all over the country , and we made it into Chaco Canyon New Mexico with it. The ranger couldn't believe
it got through. I service it regularly, changed trans fluid at 60,000
miles. Only complaint is front seat is split, I just found out bolsters were not leather but vinyl. This just happened as it turned 7 years old and 86,000 miles
As of August 17, 2015, I have $145,000 miles on it. Great on long or short trips. No engine or transmission issues. I have had normal issues with replacing brakes, tires, tie rods, water pump, AC clutch (replaced after $140k miles it ceased up), EGR valves and rear wiper motor. Rides true. Interior is still great. Very happy.
Bought it new in 2005. 170,000 miles at this point. Had to replace brakes a few times. Rusting worse than expected even in Nebraska with all the salt. Recently it started to not take gas which is frustrating. Had issues with the passenger electric door but managed to fix that myself. There has been a "growling" noise in the engine compartment for a few years now. No engine light to indicate a problem though. We'll keep driving it until something major comes up. Probably won't buy another Chrysler. Have to give the others a chance!
I bought my mom's '01 T&C from her in 2005 when she bought the newer model that had the stow and go seats. It only had about 20,000 miles on it when I got it, it's now ten years later, it's early 2015 & the van has about 88,000 miles on it.
Specifically "Intermittent Electrical Problems".
It seems to go through periods where it will not start & there's a long stretch where it will start. No problem.
We've replaced so many things, I wouldn't know where to start!
My mom is having some of the same problems with her van which is 3-4 years newer than mine.
From what I can see on the Internet, there are A LOT of people with T&C minivans with the same problems. I haven't read thru every post, so Idk if it's already been mentioned, but I would think that there's been enough verifiable problems & complaints, that we could & prob should - bring some sort of class action lawsuit against Chrysler.
Purchased a new 2014 with 1 mile three months ago. Drove it home and have had it parked in garage. Total of 5 miles on the vehicle. No problems. It has been perfect. I have not driven it because I am so busy fixing my other 3 Town and Countries. Every usual problem...brakes, transmission, electrical gremlins..etc. I figure the new one will have less problems if I do not drive it.
2009 Town & Country Touring 4.0. Purchased new in 2009, currently has 72000 miles. Power doors have always had a mind of their own and dealership can't fix it. VES DVD went out in 2012, no after market parts and dealership wants $100 just to look at it and $500 to $1200 to fix it. Heater hose recently went out. Dealership states "it happens a lot" and charges $600 to fix it. Home repair cost $150 and about 4 hours of labor. There is a recall on the key but no plan on went a repair will take place. Overall we like the van but not sure how long it will last.
driving in winter the snow cakes up into the bumper and rips the wiring harness to the sensors out. design flaw? anyone else experience this?
My wife and I bought the 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Touring NEW. What a big mistake! Listed below are some of the problems and fixes that had to be down to this P.O.S. I will never buy another Chrysler vehicle again.
1.After just 30000 miles, the front brake pads were worn down also the brake rotors are so cheap they had to be replace, unable to turn them not even once.
2.Around the 50000 mile mark the Driver side electric slider door would not operate. I had to replace the wire harness and also the locking module.
3.About 65000 miles the Alternator went bad and took out the battery, had that replaced and then the PCM module was the cause for a major squealing noise.
4.At 95000 miles the Passenger side window control motor stopped working. Again, like always, I replaced it.
5.At 110000 miles the headlights would flicker and stay off for about 2-3 minutes, sometimes while driving. Also numerous times the lights would be on while the vehicle was off and sitting in the driveway. Replaced the headlight switch module and that took care of the problem.
6.At 114000 miles, there is a loud noise coming from the engine bay, when the steering wheel is turned, the steering pump sounds horrible. I found that the Power Steering Reservoir has a filter on the bottom inside the container. If it is dirty it doesn't allow the fluid to pass through especially during the colder months. What a royal pain to get to the #10 nut on the back side of the bottom of the reservoir. Once replaced that horrible noise disappeared.
7.At this same 114000 miles, the driver front low beam light wont come on. The high beams work fine, so replaced that bulb and still the same problem. Researching the possible problems, I read it might be the Front Control Module, not too sure since this has just happened and unable to figure it out yet. Most of these problems I have fixed myself, I know if I took it to the dealership, I've would have spent thousands.
Like I stated in the beginning. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHRYLER OR DODGE AGAIN!!!!!
2015 Update:
Still have the van. 170,000 miles. Eats tires and brakes. One valve spring, heater control, some of the dash lights, and radiator broke at about 150. Replaced BCM and catalytic converter at about 125. Burns/uses oil like most Chryslers. Rusted through in front of the rear tires on both sides in the exact same location. Now during fill-up the gas pump keeps clicking off, recommendation was to replace tank ($1000). Kia here we come.

Stow and go is great. Big seats are comfortable. Entertainment system continues to work as promised.

Only has 68000, electric doors broke, rack and pinion broke, water pump replaced (under warranty), engine growls, front end makes a 'click' when the steering wheel is turned, brakes are way undersized (means you have to replace them often), dealer charges $150 to 'reprogram' the transmission.

Looks good but the hard engineering was over looked when they designed this van.
Chrysler town and country 2014 garage changed 2 rear shocks at 5000 KM and also at 19,200 KM. At 18,900 the power steering hose leaked badly. The vehicle was towed to garage and hose repaired by dealer.

I bought my 2004 Chrysler T/C EX, 3.8 new. Now have 120,000 miles with no major problems. Keep it tune up, change oil and filter as required and you should not have any major problems. The key I think is using a quality fuel and highway driving keeps it running very quiet.
Albert Y
I have a 2008 town and country I having problems with oil consumption.every 800 miles the oil level show empty and I have this problem since I have 35.000 miles now I have 50.000 the dealer say it's normal.never ner buy a Chrysler. U
I've had mine for awhile an in am scare after reading these statements I haven't had any problems yet except ratator replaced I think it's called behind the front gate.... now Im too in to me very caution...
I have a 2009 town and country the check engine light would come on and off perodically, my crysler dealer fix it , i also had to have the brakes done, and new keys made,but the light came back on after a few weeks, brought it in a few days ago for routine maintaince, now i am been told that the van is leaking coolant, and i need a new radiator. would never buy a chrysler again
I'v had my 2002 for awhile yes I have put a little work in it. I would trade it for anything. My nephew has been trying to get to give it to him snf buy a new one.170 thousand and still going strong. Joyce in oklahoma
Chrysler has got to fix their transmission on the T & C or they won't be selling too many more. The transmission shudders at low speeds. It slams into gear when shifting from R to D and feels like somebody ran into the back of the car when shifting. It is worse when hot.
Car's OK otherwise. It's a nice minivan, but I can't stand this poor shifting transmission.
We bought our 2002 Chrysler Town and Country from my mother-in-law in 2012 with only 30,000 miles on it, she barely ever drove it so we figured it was a great deal. In August of 2014 the transmission went out at 71,000 miles. Since then it's been making engine compartment "whine" noise, they said water pump, so replaced it, said it was alternator, so replaced that. Tonight Oct. 9, 2014 the 2 month old transmission went out at 74,000 miles! Thankfully it had a 30,000 or 3 year warranty. But still, it's very frustrating! And all of our work has been done at 5 Star certified Chrysler/Dodge service dealers! I'll never buy another Chrysler or Dodge.
We bought this minivan new. This year it developed a problem where it would sporadically not start. I read a couple other reviews here which sound similar so I wanted to post on how we resolved this. There would be power and the dash lights would go on, but it appeared that no power would reach the starter. If you waited a while the problem would then go away. We went through a number of repairs that did not fix the problem. Finally after researching online we found some similar complaints and had the Transmission Range Sensor replaced. Even though the dealer said they saw no problem with the sensor it has been one month now and the problem has not reoccurred.
2005 town and country.73,000 miles when I. Got it. Had issues. With locks for a few months that just went away on its now has 227,899 miles power steering pump has a wine after two hour runs and needs new front rotors. Had a problem getting the spare tire down so I unbolt the entire thing from body. It looks to me that a clip that was installed into the part that the tire hangs from was installed upside down, not allowing the tire to lower even with cable loose. Not a fun job on side of highway...
my 2002 Chrysler town and country EX is an all around LEMON I've had nothing but problems with it since I've gotten it.. it is currently sitting in my back yard waiting on a new water pump and thermostat.. it wont hold any antifreeze. and if its not the water pump then im guessing headgaskets.. ughhhhh I will never buy one of these AGAIN.
Seventh Chrysler minivan in our household, and this 2010, like two others, has a trans problem. Three times in dealer to fix, each time a three day wait for parts/assembly, but not fully resolved. Yes, this is the third time! Driver's seat wearing fast, due to cheap material. Four light bulbs have burned out. Constant flow of warm air from vents, apparently air being heated by engine, even when on 'cold' setting. Hook to hold clothes in back seat, broke !! I've had it, with these Chrysler vans !! Last one in our home.
Have 95K miles but three major problems. Radio works only when it wants to. Sliding doors work only when they want to. And drinks oil like its going out of style. No oil leaks. Ready to trade!
Great van
Bought this town & country used with 16m on it. Never had any major problems except general maintenance. I have used this van work loading it up beyond its capacity and with 145m its still running smooth.
140,000 miles and still dependable. I bought this one 6 years ago and have put over 60,000 miles on it. Only problems I have really had where brakes and rotors wearing quickly and having to recharge ac at least 2 to 3 times every summer. I have searched for leak and cannot find it. Other than that very reliable. It is the limited model.
I purchased my '02 T&C EX in November, 2001. The only major problem I have had was rebuilding the transmission at about 90k miles. Now, June, 2014, and 126k+ miles, it is still going strong. I am having to replace the AC blower motor now, but, it still gets so cold it can run you out. There is a rattle that no one has been able to figure out (it sounds like the muffler to me, but, that has been checked) the electric doors have to be opened manually now and the headliner fell. Overall, I feel it has held up very well and is still a great vehicle.
really all the reviews I see the van is now 7 or 8 years old you need to have expect some problems with a vehicle that's almost 10 years oldI just bought my 05 town and country and it had 83,000 miles on it then rides drives great full price at $5000 couldn't expect anymore I love it
Presently own a 1998 Chrysler T&C/LXI, I am very pleased with my vehicle. Which I purchased at a Honda dealer in July 2009. It has EVERYTHING but! the Sunroof which I really wanted. It is Pearl White outside, with camel leather Captain seats inside. I keep it just like it was when purchased it. I go from Va., to Florida every year for the past 5 years since I brought. Replaced rack/pinion, starter. In need of muffler soon. I really ENJOY my van. Just change oil regularly. Have not changed tranny fluid since purchased. Hope to keep long as possible. Go from NY to Va., on 3/4 tank (348miles). Wish the best to the other owners. I was second owner, when I purchased. Prior owner kept it BEAUTIFUL. I will do the same. *( "Gma On Wheels)!!