2003 Chrysler Voyager Questions

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Some consumers shuts down together after a short trip's driving. Front washer motor, front wiper motor, radio and side window hoist. Stopping the engine and starting again, everything is OK for a short while. What's happening.
Loses power. You pull over and let it cool and it will start and drive for a short time then do the same thing. Replaced the cam sensor and didn't do a thing. Smelled gas when starting up.Codes coming up: 171, 456, 440, 462
put on new power steering pump and new belt took off ground cable now it wont crank
Put on a new power brake pump and new belt now it won't crank
Will not start without a jump, why? All parts have been replaced, including PCM. Throttle body has been cleaned, still won't idle. ? Dies when the foot lets of accelerator. Only the alternator has not been replaced.
batt are all good-timing belt and water pump are good-turns over slow-wont crank-new plugs-could it be a sensor or the computer
Lights dim and flicker and go off while driving down hiway at night.
wish to remove lock in order to replace same.
We are going to pick up a new seat tomorrow, but we couldn't see any bolts holding the seat in place.
How can I tell if my oxygen sensor has been contaminated with a coolant or fluid?
while at the light my engine surges and lopes. or when i drive and reach 50mpr it start to lope. WHY?
Noticed in driveway this morning when turning steering wheel a noise fluid is full
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