2002 Chrysler Voyager Questions

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engine over heats
Have replaced camshaft and crankshaft sensors but no help! Van turns over but won't start! Ran fine before this. Except the horn and cruise control didn't work!
Started van and ALL indicator lights on.trans shifted hard would not go out of 1st gear
After jumping my van, my son accidentally touch the positive negative jumper while still connected to the van.. Now don't want to start.. I think it shorted the battery
All lights will flicker or sometimes turn completely off at night.
I was driving at the time and suddenly lost oil pressure and the car would not start after that.
I was told the alternator was knackered so have bought new one and fitted it but lights still pulse. I think I need to replace the regulator but don't know where it is or where i get one
I have duel temp controls.
not using any oil between changes motor is clean and not leaking but its getting a few miles on it
2002 chrysler voyager
car seems to idle fine when air is off. only seems to act up when air is turned on. We have cleaned Throttle body. Spark plugs are in good shape...wires are good.If it stalls, I have to turn the key all the way off for one or two seconds or else the starter will turn over but will not start. COuld it be the EGR valve
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