2001 Chrysler Voyager Questions

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This is the 1st time.
Had it tested and ask if key is on and would be hot battery and good starter as well but motor want spin all I get is clicking in the relay box
It was running perfict thin one day quit and fludded somethin aful
want to know how much a repaie would be.
I filled up my gas tank the other day and it moved to above full and now ut hasn't moved. I've driven nearly driven 75 miles in town. What should I look into?
ive changed the spark plugs and the coil pack think i had a spark problem it ran good for a few day but now its flooded out again and the it flooded out so bad the last time i had to change the oil cause there was a good 2 to 3 gallons of gas in my oil also the check engine light is not on so the local auto parts store cant scan it
Brakes are only 20,000 old, almost all highway. Car is 2001 Chy minivan
changed spark plugs/wires, MAP sensor & ecm computer
What else could be the problem? I am not getting any codes
that say there is anything wrong.
what would cause my vehicle to flood out
Replaced my turn signal switch. Fuses look good. Signal work outside know but still no dashboard light. Does anyone know how to fix? Error code 19 came up on my carmd.
horn doesnt work , have power at fuse and relay , someone told me it could be the clockspring , any ideas
Approximately what is the cost purchase muffler and necessary parts to replace this yourself?
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