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Is there a reset button (or hole) for the radio on a Chrysler T&C radio?

We had some electronic work done on the accelerator and after leaving the shop the radio works but changes station every 2-5 seconds. Very strange and I'm just guessing that the shop electrical work caused some spurious signal that messed up the radio and hopefully there's a reset somewhere that will make it right again.

I did disconnect the battery for 3 minutes to no avail. Shucks.

Any ideas?

Has anyone had a similar experience?
This problem just happened today. Lights came on while driving, pulled into driveway at home and that's as far as car will go gear shift lever is locked in park.
System was working one day. Got notification from Chrysler of update. Next day system would not open. Ordered the $149. Thumb drive with 2 SD cards of software. Tried a number of times to load the update SD card but after 2 hours severaL ties trying it will never go past the first question. When I push button for navigation system it will not open anything or give you any options other than closing the navigation system.
I want to buy a town and country but the seller has stated the reverse doesn't work. I want to know how much it would be to fix it or if I should just keep looking. Thanks!
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