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Original problem: dead battery. Jump started to get home to replace battery but Van started revving high and acting like it can't go in gear. Changed battery, still revving and acting like a problem with transmission after new battery installed. No symptoms at all prior to the battery going completely dead then jump starting it. Could the low/no voltage from the old battery have caused the TFPS to fail? I read somewhere that even a moment of no power to the pcm could cause driveability issues, as in a battery with too little charge while driving? Really frustrated with this, as I have always had my van serviced and maintained at the dealer I purchased from without fail! If they are doing 27 point inspections with every oil change, they should have noticed any issues. Please help as I am not able to drive it to the dealer and don't want to have it towed if it's something I can fix. Also note there are 113,000 miles on the van, but cared for meticulously!
This happens always when automatically closing. If I manually close it happens occasionally.
When I accidently hit open on key fob the person has also hit open and is climbing out and the door is closing on him or her, shouldn't the door stop and reopen?
There is something stuck in front of the drawer and the drawer will not close completely. If I can remove the drawer, I can get out the obstruction.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? worce
How long have you had this problem? it happened today
when i turn a/c on sometimes i hear the motor
My van stops running while driving, it has the push start and it says key has left vehicle but it has not. I had it at the dealership twice, I believe they replaced the win module but I'm not sure. Remote start won't work half of the time took back to the dealer and they can't find anything wrong.
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