2014 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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2014 town & country van will not start. The lights, radio, windows work, but the car is dead.
Electronic throttle control light is on on the dash. Van runs rough and makes noise
How long have you had this problem? One day
Our coolant temperature shows 210 and it is 95 degrees outside
When I start the car up I hear a clunking noise and when I press down on the gas coming from under the hood
Car starts. Wipers and headlights won't turn off. Dash lights flicker. Red light dot is on dash above steering column even when car is off. Message center is blank. Van worked normal yesterday. Cold outside, -10ish, but kept in 50 degrees all night so cold shouldn't be a factor.
What caused the transmission to suddenly go into 'neutral? After a few seconds it kicks back in. Happens at all speeds but more often at higher speeds and when accelerating ..
I had my van service and was told it needed computer module service? Is it under my 60,000 mile warranty please help
My husband tried to drive the van with the oil (slightly) low (stupid, we know). The oil pressure light came on. We've filled the oil, but the light will not turn off. We've also replaced the oil pressure sensor, but no luck.

Is there a need to reset the computer, or do you think that something bigger could be wrong? The engine seems to be running normally.
It has worked previously. It stopped working and I pushed and held the on/ off switch and then pushed it several times quickly. The. It started working for a few days. Now it stopped working again. What did I do?
I was wondering if there is a way to change the settings on my car alarm. Basically when I arm the alarm with my key fob the car beeps once. Which makes sense. But when there is a door still open the sound is exactly the same - why wouldn't it beep in a different way as to alert me that I left a door open? I have left the side door open before and armed the car and just walked away because the beep made me believe everything was closed. I know this may sound silly but when you have little kids and a lot of stuff you're trying to unload from the car it's actually pretty easy to have this happen..I want to modify the alarm setting to beep differently when a door is ajar. Thanks!
Happened when we had just 3000 miles on it and dealer could not find anything wrong. Did not occur again until now (13,000 miles). Seems to occur mainly when we turn left and stays on for a while then goes off.
Numbers were the same but last two letters changed from AD to AE. I immediately could tell a difference. What was changed?
lag at start sometimes feels like it wont turn over (intermittent)

runs rough at start (really bad) and at every idle

breaks feel like they are slipping or something when I go to stop normally at stop signs or to turn in somewhere I press down and I can feel the pedal/brakes do a slip slip before stopping and my foot is still pressed all the way down

dealership connects to computer and says all is normal but its not they say starts fine but it doesn't they say the brake issues don't exist just like they said nothing was wrong with my power steering 3 times until they realized a bearing was bad go figure I think its because I am a woman
Bought as T&C with 36000 Miles. Any imperfection in the road is transferred to the passengers. It bounces you around quite a bit. Tire pressures are at 36lbs. Have you heard of any fixes for this problem. I heard the this is common for the T&Cs but it is a little ridiculous. Any info would be appreciated.
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