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Mechanic told us it was $800 to replace flex plate
Town and country 2013 flashing high beam will not turn off
I hear a sound but nothing is happening when I flip the switch. I can let the very back windows up from its switch that os on the same door but not the other from the big switch.
Im not sure How this feature works.Should The light be on or off when its icey roads to activate it.what does this featurd do
After being stopped at a light, when the gas pedal is pressed to move, the van jumps. Then, it will absolutely NOT shift. Driving down the freeway at 40 mph and 3500-4000 RPM is not my idea of a good time. The last time this happened, beating the shifter side to side seemed to fix the problem as if it was stuck in third gear? Ideas?
Could it be the gas I use regular not high tec.
When driving feel pulling , shifting of gears , also van accelerate suddenly fast without warning.
re they ceramic or matalliac?
Tuesday night 940pm . My wife jumps in the vehicle , drives down a dark road when the lights interior and headlights blacked out...
She slowed down but not quick enough. She road the shoulder and then rolled the car down a 50' embankment.
She's banged up , could've killed her ..we would've lost a mother , wife , daughter , sister and a friend. Wth?!
I'm quite sure this is a software problem but; has anyone experienced not being able to turn ON the cruise control? I'm not asking about engaging or setting it. Sometime I cannot get the cruise control to turn ON until the vehicle is over 40 mph. Other times it can be turned ON or OFF in Park. I plan to return to the dealer but I would like to know if this has been a problem to others.
lifters appear to be bleading down.Had same thing with dodge Dakota Revised lifters fixed the problem.
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