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how do I reset anti theft system, changed battery terminal and now will not start, it just clicks, and remote start will just turn on running lights one second and nothing.
I noticed over the winter when I had the heat on
that if the fan was on the lower settings it was
making a hissing noise. Now that it's nice the AC is
doing the same thing. The AC also seems to only
get cold when I'm accelerating, if I come to a stop
light or something, it's not as cold. Wondering what
this is and roughly how much it costs to repair?
it doesn't do it all the time
The triangles never go out. Thought they only lit when object is detected.
just bought the van should i take it back? only 30000 mi on it.
Nothing happened with either key. Interior lights were on so I tried the panic button and horn went off but then I couldn't shut it off with the key fab button. Disconnected the battery to get it to stop honking. What do I do now?
The digital clock that is on the display (the big screen in the center of the console) is "gone". I see it for an instant when I put the car in reverse (right before the back up camera comes on), but then it immediately goes off, as the camera is now on, and it never comes on again.
sometimes if I heat a bump it comes on
Radio turned off, automatic windows wouldnt work and the other lights on dashboard came on
I've replaced the rotor, pads, caliper and now the hose. It is sticking again
The cruise control stopped working, did a reset on computer via battery disconnection...started to work again a day or so later, then months later it has stopped working again, did another computer reset, but so far it still is not working again. All other items on sterring wheel as far as I know are working. All lights are working, including emergency, stop, signal etc. Just can not get dash indicator for cruise control to light up indicating that the system is "on", and of course it isn't working. Suspect it might be software problem, or a bad clockspring, however this car only has 43K on it.
This is an intermittent problem. No obvious pattern - sometimes the engine is warm, other times cold. No particular frequency of occurrence. Today it took about 5 min. of trying/waiting, exiting/re-entering the van to get it going. Dealer says can't find anything wrong.
the airbag/seatbelt warning lamp comes on intermintly while driving or making turns
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