2011 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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This model has automatic temp control and all bells/whistles. We want the interior air circulation button to stay on to prevent exhaust odor from coming inside. This is especially a problem when warming up the car in the garage (even with garage door open) in the winter before we leave. This button also will not stay on while driving unless the Air conditioner button is on.

Happened all at once to both side doors.

Rear air, hot or cold will not blow anything. Nothing comes out at all, you can't hear anything running when the controls are on.
Help! What is it?! Blower motor? Blower motor resistor? Rear evaporator?
It worked when we got the vehicle just fine!

It will come on when I unlock the vehicle with the keyfob, but doesn't stay on after I start the van. Will not come on once the van has started. What can I do to fix the problem?

XM SATELLITE does not work now after getting a H/W FAIL. code displayed on radio??

When i put key in and tried to start van, it said on dash that remote start had been disabled, start van to reset. The van will not start and the key is stuck in the ignition, when i open the door the alarm goes off and i have another key but it will not do anything to stop alarm. Key is now stuck in ignition and van will not start help.

We would like to have voice command and navigation possibly more memory

Would like an estimate in canadian dollars from Selkirk Chrysler in Manitoba Canada

I purchased a used town and country today. After traveling an hour to get to dealership we found no DVD player in the car even though carfax and one of their employees confirmed the DVD was in the car. Manager said he could do nothing for us except install two screens behind the headrests that will cost $1799. The DVD player is in the dash and does work, but there are no screens in the drop down frames and again mang said it would be impossible to hook them up without tearing out entire console running the length of ceiling of the car. Since they also said there was navigation system that was also not there I'm no longer sure whatto believe. Thanks for the help

Hi, for over a year now, intermittently my van won't start, lightning bolt appears in dash.I've taken now to 2 dealerships, and they're saying, NO CODES SHOW UP! What really makes me mad, it was under warranty when I started complaining/taking to dealership.??? I'm extremely frustrated.Can anyone give me a suggestion. Thank you

We have replaced the battery, had the alternator checked and after disconnecting the battery the van will run fine for about 30 highway miles. After that the charging system failure light comes back on,after shutting the van off to try and reset stuff, the traction control light comes on, the ABS light starts flashing, the air bag light comes on, the A/C blows out hot air and the charging system failure light comes back on. Any suggestions?

Key fob is stuck in van, engine won't turn over, gearshift locked in park. Horn works, lights work, windows don't?