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When I turn on AC the blower works and medium cold air blows but there is a tapping noise for 30 seconds to a minute. When tapping stops, the air flow is stronger and colder.
on delay they stop half way up on windshield
The sliding door on my 2010 Chrysler Town & Country will not open using the inside or outside door handle. This applies to the automatic and manual modes. The only way to open the door is via the automatic buttons or key fob which all work great. The door closes just fine using the handles in both modes. Perhaps a cable became disconnected from the latch assembly?
2010 Town and country driver window will not work when toggling the switch in up position. Replaced master switch did not resolve issue,. Pulled motor plugged in on passenger side, wored fine in both directions ( this eliminated the motor) I have voltage when toggling the switch down nothing when I toggle the switch up. Checked wiring in door jamb for broken wires found nothing. The motor has the 6 pin connector which makes troubleshooting a little more difficult. I'm leaning towards a bad door module. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
The 'beating sound' goes away, usually within thirty seconds.
I took van to Chrysler in Logansport when battery kept going dead even after we put in a new battery They said the radio was draining the battery Radio would quit when going down the road then sometimes it would come back on but go out again The next morning my battery would be dead They took the fuse out for the radio and battery is fine
Recently my van radio has been attempting to update. I will turn on the van and the radio screen will show an update screen. However the update does not advance and the screen freezes. I cannot turn off the radio or switch the screen to access the radio or anything. When I park and turn off the van and then get back in and turn it on the screen is blank. The backup assist doesn't work then either (except the beeping but that is just annoying). If I pull the fuse for the radio and replace it then it resets the radio. However that doesn't last long, and sometimes doesn't really work. The radio will again attempt to update and the process starts all over. Is there a way to get an update done without taking it to the dealer? I had to get the battery replaced and I believe it is because the radio is draining the batter. Since the radio is not turning off properly, I believe it is still on and is using the battery even though the vehicle is off.
where is the Powertrain Control Module & how to replace it
Van was there for over a week. Got van back and at the end of one month transmission started falling out of gear. Took back to shop where they had over a week. Got call, picked up van and as soon as I drove off their lot it had a shifting problem. I immediately drove back and was told to drive for 100 miles then report back to them. At 105 miles van shifted violently on highway, ck engine lite came on and was limped back to their shop. Each time refusing to give me documentation showing mileage before & after and work. Van was there 2 whole weeks. Picked van up, again refusing to give me any documentation of problem and fixes. Drove van for 5 miles and again is shifting hard from 1st to 2nd. Paid them $4500.00 on 1st visit. Since my transmission still isnt correct after 3 shop visits and their reluctance to provide work documentation tells me I am getting screwed over. Am I asking for to much or am I getting their shaft? Bev
When I brake my steering wheel wobbles from side to side. Its not so noticeable when braking from speeds at 30mph to 40mph however when braking from 45 mph or higher the wobbling from side to side is very noticeable until vehicle has slowed down.
on is there a computer problem?
The passenger side door got kicked off the top rail. How do I get it back on myself?
We cannot turn on our interior (reading) lights on idividually. They turn on when the doors are opened or if the dimmer dial is all the way up so we know the lights themselves work. But NONE of them will turn on individually. It does not matter if they're pushed in or out, they won't turn on. Is there a master switch or fuse that we're not aware of? We've had a couple mechanics look at it, including our local Chrysler dealer, and they have no idea.
Engine light on- got code P0404- replaced ERG valve and sensor just past air filter. Reset the engine light and with in few days engine light back on still same code P0404. Parts store told me the new ERG valve could have been faulty. I really don't want to change out the ERG again unless absolutely necessary. Any suggestions?
My van is have electrical problems, more often in the morning when its cool, but on and off all the time. I will start my car and my wipers start going even though they arent on. My MPH, RPMs and compass/outside temp doesnt work. Says i have no gas, radio and display dont work, power windows and blinkers dont work. I dont have cold air. All these problems come and go together. Dealership replaced the TIPM (main module), they checked every other module in the van and cant find damaged wires. They have over 12 hrs in the car already with no resolutiom except rewiring the whole van with a new wiring harness for 2500+tax. Please help me. I dont know what to do. Anyone have this problem???
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