2009 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Two injectors are misfiring, after I changed the timing belt, the car can only drive at 30mph. How can I reset the injectors, or have I made a mistake somewhere. I can hear that the engine is perfectly timed, but two injectors are shaking. 2.8 crd, 2009. Any advice appreciated.

I park on a slight sideways angle and some oil like liquid keeps pooling in the low corner through the carpet. I used an extractor to remove it once, and within a week or so it was showing signs of coming back. What is it, where is it coming from & how do I fix it?

It won't start up it just make a clicking noise like it's coming from the engine everything comes on inside it just won't start

Sometimes before it would take several tries to start it and then it would eventually start right up but now it's doing nothing

Accutator door works fine. Any suggestions

I use 5w20 full synthetic every 6000 miles. I have the 3.8 engine.

Just had all 4 brakes replaced, now it seems like the front driver wheel is whirring like bearing is bad, could the brake job cause a problem with the bearings?

My passenger window works fine however my drivers side does not work at all including the mirror control and door locks and window controls. Could this be a fuse issue and where would I find them on a 2009 Town and Country?

Start the car and it works fine. Turn off the car, come back later, start the car and the blower does not work. It will stay in either state once younstsrt the car. It won't just stop working when the car is running. It also won't just start up once the car is running. Is it a loose connector or short to power?


Works fine on first two speeds but the nest two give huge vibration. Happens even when engine ids not running.

town and country has remote pressure sensors in tires

I went to turn it on and the engine is not turning over! I was just driving it 15 min ago...all the lights come on but it won't start. Tried jumping on the battery but I got nothing.. We tried tapping the starter and it still does not work. Help please I just bought 2 weeks ago!!!