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2008 Chrysler town & country 4.0 litre 6 speed. Feels like faulty torque converter. Shuddering worst at 55 kph but I can feel it when gas pedal very light all the way up to 100 kph (60 mph). I've had the following work done; replaced transmission, spark plugs, ignition coils all to no avail. Now there is a clunk during start up as well.
What is cause and cost to fix?
Is there something that I can put into the spot for the switch that will make the window come up
It just doesn't start the battery is good it wouldn't turn over
tapping is rythmical and rapid. Yesterday the tapping was muted for a period Removed faschia from center of dash: tapping can be felt within air duct running left to right within dash.
All the warning lights are on, the window wipers wont stop. Blinker not working. Windows only go up in steps. I cant figure it out. Someone please help. Thanks.
The book says to cycle the key. Book does not explain the details as to what that means.
The analog clock...will stop....then a few hours later go crazy...round and round...then stop...I will set....then suddenly do again...does it engine started...or not...did the a couple of months ago...and mysteriously quit
The transmission was under warranty and had been worked on in the last
two weeks. Now Crenwelge says that
the ABS requires a FLASH doe the dynamics sensor and a Transmission
Range Sensor? Important for safety?
Have replaced egr valve and the check engine light came back on after a few days again. Have had the connections checked. Van is chugging like it's not getting enough gas or it is to lean it seems. Any suggestions
Husband can't find the drain to spray air into it, No water is draining out of it. Any pictures or diagrams would be great.Please help because I am on that side and I am tired of getting all wet. Signed Wife
This has happened 4 times in about 2 months.
Ignition switch replaced in 2015. Nothing electrical will work, not even with a new battery.
Just replaced the er value did not stop the problem have replaced plugs and coil packs has no codes anywhere
I believe this may be a common problem for 2008-2010 dodge caravan/chrysler town and country. Rear wiper arm becomes loose on wiper motor shaft.
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