2008 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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The book says to cycle the key. Book does not explain the details as to what that means.

The analog clock...will stop....then a few hours later go crazy...round and round...then stop...I will set....then suddenly do again...does it engine started...or not...did the a couple of months ago...and mysteriously quit

The transmission was under warranty and had been worked on in the last
two weeks. Now Crenwelge says that
the ABS requires a FLASH doe the dynamics sensor and a Transmission
Range Sensor? Important for safety?

Have replaced egr valve and the check engine light came back on after a few days again. Have had the connections checked. Van is chugging like it's not getting enough gas or it is to lean it seems. Any suggestions

Husband can't find the drain to spray air into it, No water is draining out of it. Any pictures or diagrams would be great.Please help because I am on that side and I am tired of getting all wet. Signed Wife

This has happened 4 times in about 2 months.

Ignition switch replaced in 2015. Nothing electrical will work, not even with a new battery.

Just replaced the er value did not stop the problem have replaced plugs and coil packs has no codes anywhere

I believe this may be a common problem for 2008-2010 dodge caravan/chrysler town and country. Rear wiper arm becomes loose on wiper motor shaft.

cel on - code po456- I have the pump
just want to know where it is go I can replace it.

Hello, I am the proud owner of T&C 4.0 2008. However I am having got a bit of a problem. The last row of seats should hide into the floor. However this way an Orchard isn't after pressing the appropriate button on the driver of the seat comprise ahead and that's final. Legs aren't uncoupling and aren't hiding into the floor. Is there some sensor blocking this manoeuvre there? Whether he can \ "nuts' is there some driver? And perhaps Wink needs to grease something
Did somebody already encounter such a problem? Can I count on the help from my friends?

I am greeting owners chryslerów

If I can use a 2009-2011 4.0 engine what Needs to be change to make it work

automatic Windows control stopped working after somebody broke the button.

Anything requiring electrical power is not working; power windows, doors, radio, a/c, liftgait, etc. Can turn the car on and drive but no electrical. First time this happened.

It will start but not off to release key.