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My turn signal / wiper switch seems to be malfunctioning. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does. This problem started 2 days ago.
Someone broke into my van and attempted to steal it by pulling the ignition. I have anti-theft, so it stalled, fortunately, before they even backed it out of the parking stall. They left the ignition mechanism on the floor, but I still will need to have it reinstated. I'm wondering how this going to since I have no idea how to do it myself.
How long have you had this problem? One day
Girlfriend's T&C has a ratchet type of effect when she slows to turn? She says it feels like the traction is trying to engage?
Any ideas? I am gonna replace brake pads & rotors, maybe even calipers? Have not decided fully yet. Don't really think it is brakes? Although, the ABS light has been on dash awhile. I personally detest ABS, so I pull the freakin fuse anyway, but she likes the ABS, when it used to work
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When slowing/braking..
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
this happens at no particular time or any regular situation,
receiving no power to vehicle checked continuity to alternator, fuses in integrated power relay.
I'm not new to cars and trucks but t mini van is the first any trucks or tips are appreciated the hardest part looks to be figuring out how to get the room and undo the line where it connects to the rack an opinion. Charcoal box is alrdy removed for more room as well
Started van, smoke came out from under the hood and check engine light came on
So my van won't start at all, manually or by remote sometimes. Sometimes it cranks but takes a minute to start. Sometimes it won't start at all unless I charge the battery. I also have to leave my key in the ignition in order for the remote start to work when the battery is charged. It's becoming a huge pain!
Squeaking under hood diagnosed as lifter noise
Just had a rack and pinion done and both outer tyrods started making popping day I got it back
The heater blows full blast all the time
van makes nosies when you change the gear from park to reverse and when you change gear to drive makes a popping sound
My van had been having something like transmission slips that my van would stall while trying to move; then this weekend it just won't move in drive or kept sliding backwards. The fluid was almost completely empty about 2 months ago so that shouldn't be an issue. Any advice on what to check??
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