2006 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Front bumper needs replacing
Really noticeable the higher the fan.
This happened straight from the mechanic after the engine and transmission was changed. Starter is new, changed fly wheel. Now they say it may be the engine computer module. Wants to change that and go from there. Any suggestions?
Lights start flashing on instruments panel the the car died
When in high speeds and trying to brake my van shakes. Has new rotors,alighnment done,tire rods are good. Why does it shake?
Van can be cold or hot
Need to replace alternator need video on how to take out alternator
Passenger airbag off light is always on in my van? Does having my passenger side seat removed have anything to do with this issue.?

Will that be a a relay that we need to replace
When i turn on my head lights i have no tail lights except over the license plate. I have break lights, reverse lights, and turn signals but no tail lights. I have checked all fuses and bulbs. Not sure what else to do. Please help.

Thank you
barely made it home. stearing wheel normally at 9 and 3 now with wheels straight its at 12 and 6. during drive home it went extreamly loose. talked to a friend they said possibly rack and penion...please help
My doors stay on the frix now all of my interior monitors just quit at once.
Don't know when signals lights stopped working. This is the first time it happened. I got the van new.
My coolant level is ok. However noticed something is leaking from in front of passenger rear tire. Could this be the problem? And if not what else could it possibly be? Just want to know how much $ I'm looking to have to spend :(
We have on the heat and it goes from really good heat to cold air all the sudden.
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