2006 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Never worked when I bought the van checked relays and fuses it just makes a clicking sound in area of the fuse box.
I have a leak in it somewhere
the idel started when i shifted gears
for front turn signals. replaced bulbs. turn signals are very dim and flash fast. when i turn my headlights on the the turn signals dont work at all. they work but dim when flashers are on or when i open slidding doors and when locking or unlocking.
I changed gear chift if something not hooked up on stiring will wright will it have anything to do with the breakes not to work wright on stering colome
I have a code 0720
Recently replaced outer tie rod and bushing stabilizers .. sway bar links are good, clunking stopped for about 2 weeks and now that it’s cold again I am hearing a clunking noise on passenger side front end. What else could it be?
Front bumper needs replacing
Really noticeable the higher the fan.
This happened straight from the mechanic after the engine and transmission was changed. Starter is new, changed fly wheel. Now they say it may be the engine computer module. Wants to change that and go from there. Any suggestions?
Lights start flashing on instruments panel the the car died
When in high speeds and trying to brake my van shakes. Has new rotors,alighnment done,tire rods are good. Why does it shake?
Van can be cold or hot
Need to replace alternator need video on how to take out alternator
Passenger airbag off light is always on in my van? Does having my passenger side seat removed have anything to do with this issue.?

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