2005 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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The front driver’s side electric seat is not functioning. The passenger seat is still working. We are unable to move it out of its current positions and cannot find any fuses that would be causing this problem. We also noticed the electric pedal control also stopped functioning. Any guesses please?
Had major tune up a month ago.
Replaced Oxygen sensors, plugs,and cables. Since that time I have seen the check engine light come on and yesterday it has jsut stayed on all the tiem.
but you can turn it off and turn back on and it will do the samething. It was at one point blowing the fuse, but now as I said it only goes silent after 5 seconds, no more fuse blowing.
My van started shuttering and then cut off and now won't start. Barrowed a diagnostic computer from a fried and all it says in misfire detected, there are no numbers or letters. I need to know what is misfiring so that I can fix it.
Leaks when it rains
Passenger air vent door stay open warn air come out driver side and cool air come out passenger side what causing this problem
The inside of our van is soaked. We took it 11/2 years ago to the dealership and were charged $70 to clean them out. I waould like to know how to remove them, I have tried to pull them up and it looks like I will rip them. Where should one start to lift them? From the front by the windshield or from the back by the hatch? Will I have to replace this rubber?
Will it tear them up? How does one take them out?
This is not where the problem is. We took it to a dealership and paid $70 to have it cleaned out. They removed something on the roof/lifted them up (there are black rubber things down both sides of the roof) How do I pull them up/remove them to get the leaves out? Why would Chrysler build something like this? I live surrounded by trees. The dealership told us this needs to be cleaned out/on the roof frequently because of leaves falling continously. I just can't see paying someone to do this if I can do it myself. I have tried to pull up the rubber pieces but I am afraid I am tearing them.
Water is leaking inside of van at top sides and around the sunroof.
got 2005 chrysler van...battery was checked as OK but needs recharge. battery is 2 years old. what's most likely cause ?
belts ?,alternator ? battery just going bad ? can this be easily diagnost ?
it is leaking fuel
at first it wouldnt unlock the back doors but not it only unlocks the drivers door sparatically....please help....
When should I change the timing belt?
dash lights needles on gauges bounce around and will stall out at stop signs
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