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checked belts alternator. Could it be the idler pulley? Only makes noise when rpm is below 1200 rpm. Any suggetions?
key off stays on till battery dead
This week computer numbers have continually dropped even after being reset and driving normally. Normal hi-way mileage is 28-31mpg; now is only 10-11 mpg, yet fuel consumption on hi-way is still healthy. Vehicle is well serviced by dealer since new May of 2005: just under 99,000 miles. The "dte" figure is now about 700 when normal is max of 500 miles. One mechanic said to disconnect battery for 30 minutes to reset computer -- to no avail. What now - plug in a dealer diagnostic unit?
Heater takes a very long time to heat the temp gauge stays in the middle never over heat. Drive for 20 min heat starts to work somewhat have it all the way up but only comes out Luke warm then it stops blowing warm air and goes back to cold after 5 min or so
at tailgate party about 4 hours long the gate and side doors were open ready to leave the battery was dead no lights or assc. were left on what could prevent the battery drain???? thanks Bill
engine warms up to normal operating temp not overheating. Just blowing cold when stopped then as u start to accelerate warm air blows out
Can someone tell me in detail where its located. I am an amateur and have only done a few things. I cant afford the 400.00 the auto repair shop is giving me. Any pics would be great. I get an error code camshaft/crankshaft are misaligned. When I speed up the car to about 3500-4000 rpm's it starts to jerk and wont switch gears till I slow down and then slowly speed up again. PLEASE help. This is my only vehicle.
I am looking for information on how to remove and replace the cable and the part kit number can anyone tell me how to remove so I can take to dealer to get right part??? A YouTube video would be great
How or will the van not run or how long will it take not to function
Going uphill or when the a/c is on.It seems the trans. takes a long time to shift and the rpms rev real high.
My check engine light comes on indicating the #1 misfire. The injector was changed and that did not do it. Dealership upgraded the computer for $195 and that did not do it. A friend said it may be the body control module. The vehichle runs great, just first ten seconds after it is started cold it feels slightly rough.I have 94000 miles on my 2005 town and country.
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