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Plugs R New was told it could B the coils or coil box, but all are working fine. This is R only car & I really need this fixed. Could there B a tear in the coil plug wire??? Help us!!!

If they replaced the HVAC Control Head and still the problem exist.

Just had the body control module replaced by dealer

At our last oil change our dealer let us know that our oil was extremely low. The engine started clicking a few days prior to the oil change. They said it wasn't a belt and that it was internal. A mechanic friend was going to put an oil conditioner in to fix the lifters if they were sticky. When he heard it he said its defiantly not the lifters and that it sounds like a blown rod or possibly a cracked piston. My question is how much would it cost to fix a cracked piston or a blown rod? Is it the whole engine I need to replace? We are planning on getting rid of it in a couple weeks and buying a newer van. I was told I'd get more out of it selling it outright and I'd let them know the issue. If it's a couple hundred to fix it I would because Im trying to get about $3000 for the van. I really don't want the engine to blow before I sell it. But if it's thousand or more to fix it I'm not putting that much into it. The ac and power seat motors (so also the mid stow and go) already don't work. Any advice would be appreciated.

Toggling switch had worked in the past, but no longer

Replaced cam and crank sensors. Rebuilt PCM. New coil pack.No codes, but has rpm whern cranking.

The clunk sound comes from the right side just under the dash board and gets loud when going over bumps. Van does not bounce so wondering if broken shock/strut or could be bushings?

This has been driving me crazy for years, but lately its getting worse, truck starts perfect, idles perfect, turn on my AC and its a whole new MONSTER, pulses, jerks, shakes, as soon as I start to drive the truck, once in a while Ill get a popping sound (back fire) but she settles down and she'll drive fine until I stop, then it starts all over again... If I drive in the highway she runs and drives perfect UNTIL I hit 55-60 then she starts to pulse again, drive 70 and no problems. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP.

The turn signal flashes very fast, is there something else I should try?

I was driving my minivan when all of the sudden I couldn't get over 40 mph. It felt like the brakes had locked up. I pulled over for a bit, and then I tried driving it again. This time it wouldn't let me get over 20 mph and the steering wheel was violently shaking. When I reached my destination, there was smoke coming from the front tires. I haven't driven it since. This happened to me in January as well, but I was able to drive it after I let it sit for a few hours.

After this happens all mileage lights and the Park, Drive, etc. flicker for another few miles, then back to normal. Happens randomly during all drives but ALWAYS during 1st mile now. Started at 122K miles and nobody can figure out. Don't want to be stuck shutting down and being stranded.

This car has approx 170,000 miles on it. It has on several occasions lost acceleration and over heated while on the freeway. Radiator was replaced, and the car ran normally with the exception of a whirring sound from the engine, which I was 80% sure I was hearing the timing chain. It happened again yesterday, and now the engine spins without a crank from the starter, and will not start. The tow truck driver told my daughter he thought it was the timing chain, but I said it first... (Yes...I used to wrench on cars long ago)...

Now I need to find a shop who can R/R the Timing Chain if needed. I am going to run a compression test on the cylinders to confirm this first. Any information would be great!