2005 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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i ran the troubleshoot code P0513 on my van.
I came home from work parked it came back out to go to the store and no start
all the time
Not manually, or using keyfob or the controls above dashboard. Has not opened for2 months
Recently when i put my van in drive with the AC on it starts to jerk and i can hear the belt squeal frequently. This problem does not happen when ac is off or in neutral or park. Just this morning the the air stopped blowing out of the front vents, but blows out of the back just fine.
Computer said AVG,AVR ?? Its the part that mixes oil,gas and sits next to the alternator. Sometimes it make a weird noise Average cost 180.00 for part
On the back of the water pump housing is a hose that pushes onto the housing. The thing that the hose pushes onto is broke off inside the hose. Is this something that can be fixed or perhaps a pipe can be welded to the housing to push the hose onto. Any help would be appreciated.
got a nwew radiator all the hoses but im loosing coolant still
I am inheriting a 2005 Town and Country. It will drive in reverse, but not drive in any forward gear. Transmission fluid is clean and clear. I was told it could either be the servo that plugs into the transmission OR a torque converter. Any ideas on where to start with repairs?
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