2005 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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When I accelerate it shifts hard once in a while.
Power door locks dont work. A/C doesn't work (fan Does work). 40 amp fuse BCM shorts out immediately.

How long have you had this problem? one week
fuel pump changed the car cranks but wont start this is first time before the used to stop after 2 hours
kids eager to open the door or when remote on key is kaput
The problem happens every time I drive it. Instead of shifting properly it takes it a long time to down shift and pick up speed. The more I push in the gas, the more it slows down. Sometimes it is worse and sometimes it seems better.
It also takes at least 3 times turning the key before the engine starts. One time it took up to 20 turns before it started. It will turn over but not fire up. It cranks but doesn't start for the first 2 or more times.
The car waa fine then all of sudden theres oil sitting on the top of my engine and maybe 2 weeks after that i notice the car vibrates a little and drives roughly but i dont know the problem
Motor have power but window will not move. Circuit breaker does work.
I am trying to find out what is wrong and not spend money on unnecessary parts
We've put a new thermostat in it and checked for leaks and have put coolant in it and felt the hoses that supposed to both be hot and both are but my dad just noticed yesterday that one side of the radiator is hot but the other side is cold what do we need to do to try fix the heat and is it related to the radiator being half cold and half hot
The part that holds the stabilizer link to the strut broke off the strut and popped my tire , can I remove the link from the car and stil drive it safely ?
Also have a P0132 code showing for diagnostics reading of the check engine light
We were driving down the road and ran over something not sure if it's a rock or a piece of wood and the air bag light came on right after. It has been raining this morning.
i ran the troubleshoot code P0513 on my van.
I came home from work parked it came back out to go to the store and no start
all the time
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