2004 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Can't find the fuse box
3.8 V6 FWD
Short distance cut key off again and back on goes back into gear but when it stops pulling it won't take any gear until you cut it off and back on what's wrong
It’s a loud rumble or howl. Many repairmen said it was the wheel bearing. Replaced it and still have the noice
Changed coil pack, plugs, wires, map sensor, checked injectors, injector harness, iac sensor. Exaust manifold is leaking some oil where connects to block and also smoking there to. Also smoking out muffler exaust. And battery goes dead if leave it connected.
each light has a push button and neither one working
Need to know where the fuse is fir the oower locks
I need to know where the fuse is for the power locks
the where is the inside fuse to my Chrysler TownCountry cuz I can't find it
My car will start bt for a cple seconds n thn it shuts off bcz of the anti theft what do i do
So my friend plugged her phone charger into the outlet, it smelled like it was burning. we quickly took it out, and then noticed NOTHING works in the dash. The clock, the radio, and when I turn on the air, it will blow in the back of the van but not in the front, Is there a fuse that was blown? or is it a bigger problem?
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