2003 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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My car makes a weird vibration when traveling at 38 or 39 mph, and again at 57 or 58 mph. What could be the problem? Could it be the transmission?
It's just like jerking or grabbing really hard right before I come up to a stop. I don't know if it's from down shifting from 2nd to 1st rough or if the brakes are locking up for a Split Second. I'm getting my PCM replaced because that's out I don't know if that can have issues with the brakes or the transmission locking up like that
0601 code what's wrong? The car is idling funny in like the brakes are locking into gear when I try to stop check engine light on
How do I know exactly what the issue is and what it is and where it is and what problems consist of it. Is running but it's having issues with the transmission in the gear getting in the second it's kind of Ireland funny maybe the brake lights on a ABS a check engine lights on
Try turning on Van only get a clicking sound from fuse box no power 2 starter new Crank shaft and starter
I can get about 3 quarts into the gas tank then the nozzle shuts off and when I pull the nozzle off pressure blows out of the tank.
It will take about 3 quarts of gas then the hose shuts off then when I remove the fill spout some pressure blows out the fill opening.It will take no more gas until I move the car.I bought the car with 1/2 tank,I runs and drives so good I put new tires on while dreaming thousands of miles until I went to the gas station!
It seems the control changing from dash vents to any other setting is not working. Just started all of a sudden.
radio clock is on all the time, unless I remove fuse. This causes battery to run down after two days of non-use. Fuse controls radio, clock, interior lights & alarm circuits & door locks. anoying
the realy for the blower motor was also changed
I hit a huge pot hole while in the desert and the airbag light came mechanic says that it is a loss of communication to the front left airbag sensor.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? same on start and run up
How long have you had this problem? months
I have a 2003 town and country and the dealer said i need a pcm. I cant afford a new one he said I can get a used one and get it reprogrammed. I found an 02 town and country PCM but the engine is 3.8 mines is 3.3 does it matter if its gonna get flashed?
How long have you had this problem? July 1st

How long have you had this problem? Has happened before but today it wouldn't shut
I have to put my back window wipers on for my passenger window to go down, the a/c and heater only works while I'm accelerating so basically I have to be going a high speed for it to blow, the radio only works when the car is off so does the front wipers...weird things like that...someone said it was because my automatic doors are off track
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