2002 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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blew radiator hose off added antifreeze heater does not work only blows out cold air radiator hoses are hot also heater hoses seem to be hot.
I have a noise from the left side of my front axle that gets louder as I go faster . No grinding but a roaring sound like fan or car not going into overdrive. But tranny is working fine ???
Instrument cluster lights went out (all instruments work). Traced problem to BCM - no voltage on Pin #11 on Connector 4. Otherwise everything else works. Is it possible for me to open the BCM and make any repair to the unit for this simple isolated problem?
Testing done so far: No voltage at Pin #1 on Instrument Cluster connector. Voltage is present from head light switch to the BCM Pin #30 at Connector 5. This is the dimmer circuit - ranges from 1.3 Volts up to 2.7 Volts based on dimmer position.
would i be able to just replace pcm with a used one from the recycling yard?
key has a chip in it had it made for my 2002 town and country mini van but it will crank then shut off why?
I'm getting code P0700 and code p0720. I was told its the output speed sensor and I need to know where this is located on my van
door will not slide open manually
Everything still works as it should but with all the miles I have no check engine light no leaks its had nothing done to it for the last 75000 miles except a battery. The problem is when I drive it the check engine light stays off but when my wife drives it the light comes on it goes back off after I drive it a few times . It has a nervous idle at start up but seems to go away once you get going. I thought a 300000 mile service I don't know what that includes new plugs and wires and filters new belt the AC has work great never been open up or work on but my compressor is much louder than when it was new. When I turn the compressor off you can barely hear the engine run should I drive it till the compressor goes or replace it now. Its not clutch noise its more of a raddle noise I don't hear it going down the road but I do when I'm at a drive threw or pull into my garage I hear the old compressor should I go a head and replace it now . What about the throttle body should it be taken off and cleaned good or just have it clean on the van and does my 3.8 have an EGR if so it is the factory one and I also can feel the vibration of the engine a little the motor mounts are the original ones there is 2 motor mounts and two transmission mounts do I need to do all 4 or just the engine mounts. I thought about replacing them. The transmission it was rebuilt at 210000 I should service it .Any advice about any of this my knowledge is limited when it comes to a 300000 mile vehicle .
went to have computer reset after putting in new tcm and they said there was no power going to tcm
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