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When I started my van, it started steaming from under front. Smelled like coolant. There was also a hissing sound. I drove it the 2 blocks back to work. Parked it and the hissing kept going. I sat there for about10 minutes and was still hissing when I went back in work. After work I looked for a leak but couldn't find it. I even drove to a more lite up parking spot and is not leaking. The only thing is, the ac was off when I moved it.
Installed a "Hopkins Towing Solution Taillight Converter" on my 2002 Chrysler Town & Country, it connects to the existing wires using quick splices. After installing per included instructions, most trailer lights did not work, but van lights worked except for left rear turn signal. Rechecked all connections ensuring correct wires were connected and that everything was grounded. Went to check lights again...rear wiper started going, washer fluid sprayed on front windshield, right turn signal is on if lever is up or down, left turn signal is on if lever is in neutral position, locks/windows don't work, no radio/fan, cannot start vehicle.
Replaced charcoal (or whatever) canister. All pulleys, belt alternator battery, plugs coil, plug wires.
rpms act stuck and van jerks when speedometer goes crazy
only when speedometer acts up sometimes it stays on 0 and Tom's act stuck. got code 7022 I think
if yes, where is it ?
It keeps moving up and down
my van has a rough idle only while in drive with brake applied I have to put it in neutral and it runs smooth runs great in park and while driving
rear hatch got bumped from inside and then remote stopped working to open rear hatch door
rear hatch got bumped from inside after that remote stopped working
Problem has been occuring for about three weeks and has been constant.
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