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rpms act stuck and van jerks when speedometer goes crazy

only when speedometer acts up sometimes it stays on 0 and Tom's act stuck. got code 7022 I think

if yes, where is it ?

It keeps moving up and down

my van has a rough idle only while in drive with brake applied I have to put it in neutral and it runs smooth runs great in park and while driving

rear hatch got bumped from inside and then remote stopped working to open rear hatch door

rear hatch got bumped from inside after that remote stopped working

Problem has been occuring for about three weeks and has been constant.

Ac works, heater works, rear ac works but the blower only work on high.The voltage at the blower does not change. It stays on 12.7 when on the high position. help?

Been having this issue for about a month or some but I've always been able to get it to start after one or two tries until yesterday.

AAA tested my battery, and said it was fine and suggested it was the starter due to the loud click and that the car turned over when the starter was tapped on.

Before spending $100+ on a starter replacement, I was curious if it could be something else.

I have - unfortunately - have two chrystlers and they both have had electrical issues in the past, so I was wondering if this could contribute to my issue.

Lifted hands it didn't come with a manual any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much