2002 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Can't get ac compressor to turn on to recharge system
shut off at running temp but start back up
I have a 2002 town & country that has begun having a knocking noise in the engine. We are driving back from vacation and about three miles away from home noticed the engine lagging a little. Once we got home I could hear a knocking noise coming from the engine. I asked some advise from some people and one of the questions they had asked was, if the oil was low? I didn't think much of it, because it hadn't been that long sense I had had an oil change and there was no significant leaking. But low and behold it turns out it was about 4qts low. I couldn't believe it, it made no sense. The engine has about 124,000 miles on it and has never used oil so fast. I checked my records and the last time the oil was done was only 3,400 previously. It really made me upset, because there was never any warning it was low. Didn't have the oil light come on or even the engine light till we checked it later to try and diagnose the problem. Looks like this is not a unusual issue. It seems to me that Chrysler has found a way to continue their customer service by making their engines die before the consumer has a chance to do anything about it. Well, this consumer will be going somewhere else from now on.
I'm having problems with my transmission not moving very well I was going to put a new transmission filter and change the fluid and was told that my 2002 Chrysler town&country dis not have a transmission filter is this true
I have a 2002 town and country van when you first start it it knocks then quits. It knocks when you give it throttle if you hold the throttle at about 1500 to 2000 rpms it quits.
Car acts like it is not getting gas. Dies at stops
Speedo and washer pump quit after an oil change at dealer, reset speedo, but no washer
car cranks runs for awhile then shuts off
Everything stop working on the dash board
It starts fine. When I'm pressing the gas it putters repeatedly.
Full on coolant? Heater inside never gets warm @ all?? Radiator has card board in front so no air can get through and still very cold. All hoses are cold!
Where is shift solenoid? Can I replace it at home. Speed sensor replacement did nothing.
Help! Actuators move when temp number is changed on either side. All modes blow air as designed, all fan speeds work. Heater core is clean as a whistle, hoses hot going in, slightly cooler going out. Radiator full. Restrictor valve clean. Removed actuators and operated doors by hand and I feel them going from stop to stop. I have found four actuators in this van, three on the drivers side (top one mode, front lower passenger, rear lower drivers) one on the passenger side under the blower casing (recirculation?). Still no heat, is there another? Sometimes (rarely) it will blow hot and then cool down and not get hot again. What am I missing? What else can I do to diagnose this problem, its driving me nuts!
this sometimes occures and sometimes it doesn't but it is happening more frequently.
I stopped at store left the car running because my daughter 16 year old was in it but I turned the headlights off when I went in came back out 3 mins later and turned lights on and the inside lights came on same time and wouldn't turn off tried turning off car tried pushing lock on key pad they do shut off like ten mins after I stop driving and turn off for like I said ten or so mins they do shut off this morning all the way to work they stayed on and the whole time I drove it today why and what can I do
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