2000 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Has to be put in neutral when stopped for the shaking. Gas light comes on in reverse. Van Starts to heat now. Idles rough unless it's put in neutral
While on hwy or surface streets van runs ok, but when I try to leave a parked position {like a street light},
engine just dies --- After engine cools for 2-3 minutes engine starts and runs ok. Replaced EGR valve and
crank position sensor.
2008 chrysler town and country overheat I put antifreeze and water it didn't fill up notice it was draining out underneath
Loosing coolant at a rate of 2 1/2 gallons every 120 miles
Tried to reset using key in the doors. The alarm goes off, I use key to deactivate. Car won't start.
Clunking or hard knocking sound it sounds like the driverside back underneath i checked to see if anything loose on while i deive forward it makes that sound
van runs great but oil lite goes on and bell rings when stopped at lite or idling goes off as soon as i hit gas pedal
Radio wasn't working at all. Got it to work now volume doesn't work
Need to recalibrate the control? Also small ball bearing goes where on heater control knob? Heater works fine but is stuck on defrost only.
It just started not wanting to start on the first turn. But aside of that it was raining and my dash lights and radio tuned off, it has happened to me 2 times before.
when im driving sometimes my inside lights anddoor locks start going off on there own what causes this also my door ajar light comes on
The problem always occurs upon Start-up but goes away once the engine warms up. If I turn on the AC it is noticeable when I come to a stop or idling, even when the engine is warm. One friend commented that it sounds like "loose Valve lifters" & could throw a rod...but I read here that it might be Carbon buildup on the Pistons. How do I know/find out what the problem is???
My friend has no power steering what so ever out of no wherr, fluid is full and in good condition, has no noise prior or shudder in steering wheel, very hard to turn.and appears to be no leaks.could you please give me some insight or information regarding this issue please? Thank you very kindly :).
My heat on the drivers side ok great!
The passenger and rear pushes out cold air and the middle vents in the front aren't as cold as the passenger but aren't very warm either I live in mn and it's cold can somebody help me please? I just changed the thermostat so I kno that's not it. I need heat!!!
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