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since its been so hot,van will start running bad n cut off,we found out to make it run again,is let air out of the valve on the gas line on top of the engine,does anyone know what causes this? and/or how to fix it?it happened 4 times yesterday,on the way home
Happens with moisture in the air. After sitting 3 hours, it will stay started fine.
When I'm driving 55 to 60 mph I notice a front end shimmy.
I am not a mac. have worked on old cars but not the newer ones are the lifters easy to change
please give me a godd price.
I know this was a Chrystler recall problem but that has expired my main question is I have to remove injectors to get to the o ring ? if not I can probably fix myself
save money do i have to drop the motor alitttle and how
iv'e change thermostat water pump because it was over heating. but still no heat.
The smoke test was done and they said I need a new pump
I accidentally left my front window down during a rainstorm and after that, the security alarm has a tendency to sound if I lock the doors using the remote, key or press down on the door lock. If I lift up on the door lock before pressing down, the alarm usually will not sound.
someone it might be the freeze plug. where is this located ?
where is the auxiliary relay box for high an low speed cooling fan relays ? cant find it under the hood.
i still have over heating problem's on this car. water pump is good.
While driving last night my speedometer was working, suddenly it went to 0 and then shortly after my car wouldn't shift.( i was in drive) this is a automatic 1999 3.8 liter engine. Is there some kind of fuse that would cause this?? Thanks Linda
if the heater moter is plugged ? would that make it over heat ? and where is it located ? or is it just a bad water pump.
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