1999 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Problem is intermentant chime starts a few seconds after ignition.
Window wouldn't move and when it did move it totally went all the way down and now will not go up at all
My husband has a car in Europe and we are trying to find an oil pressure switch for his car. Every one we buy and send over DOESN'T"T FIT!!!! HELP I have the original picture of the switch where can i get one ASAP ?
I have a town and country minivan thats making realy bad noise and i would like and get advise from somoene i recently remove the oil filter and started it and there was no much oil coming out then i removed the oil pan and there was shreds of metal. Somebody toll me that its my oil pump that there wasent enought pressure so what should i do replace the engine or should i replace the oil pump because my minivan still runs and everything sounds good exccep for the knocking sound
Car sat idle in winter for a few months. The battery died. Changed the battery but immediately the security alarm (horn) keeps blasting and the starter won't engage.
when i start my van when its cold it pours 1/2 to 3/4 quart of fluid but doesnt do this the rest of the day or if warm
I parked it for almost a year with no battery and now it shows alarm and my my heater control blinks lights how do i program my key
About a year or less i had parked my minivan because of a bad starter. Now i have put a new starter and it dont even do nothing not even clickin or trying to start. And then i put it direct from the starter to the battery with the key position on and then i got it to turn over but it didnt start look like it was a gas problemso i got staring fluid and try again and it work . My question is that my van has a theft lock or something like that my van has a factory alarm system

V ?
I changed the trans filter and fluid trying to address a shudder between shifts, the shudder is gone but now when the van is warm it will downshift to 2nd gear & stay there, it will not upshift or downshift. When I pullover & turn the van off for a few seconds it will shift correctly but only momentarily inevitably getting stuck in 2nd again
Ever time doors are locked
How can I disable the alarm??
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