1999 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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replaced pcm but that only fixed the engine lockout problem, no effect on gauges not working
replaced complete dash unit,but no results, replaced computer control module under hood, which corrected my engine lockout problem ,but no effect on m gauges.
99 Chrysler town and country came with two different radiators for same make and model van. one had outlet on passenger side one on the drivers side WHY?
have a 1999 chrysler Town and country lxi 3.8 engine. Every now and then when i come to a stop or slow down to turn my van stalls and dies but when put in park or neutral it starts right back up with no problem but when i go to pull it into gear it stalls real quick and dies after several attempts it finally goes
van starts but it wont run it has to do with the alarm system
the battery lite comes on it a new battery and the alternator is fine too we had it checke
Car shakes feel in seat mostly at 35-40mph but also does it at higher speeds of 85-70mph. Makes rumbeling sound over bumps at low speeds.
Have replaced instrument cluster two years ago.
And change it and now it will not crank so what could be wrong with it
When I put it in Drive it shuts off
Horrible metal sound but brakes stop ok
I have a new fuel pump and was told that the fuel pump relay might have went out
Or could you tell me what to do next
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