1998 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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I had a dead battery. Had it checked, Ok, needed charged slowly. Charged it and put it back in my 98 town & country. The lights start flashing and the horn starts blowing intermittently, like when the panic button is pressed. Disconnected the battery. Tried starting the car. Started once and died, horn continues to blow. Dennis
Its a 1998 chrysler t & c lxi. After a couple restarts all lights except service engine light goes off. So I take to mechanic and he resets something and it goes off. Lasts about 2 weeks each time. I also have to recalibrate ac system. Any ideas? Will it be expensive to fix?
Not getting fluid to the rear drum n passenger side
key wont turn in ignition steering wheel is locked
my steering wheel is locked up an when I put the key in to turn it on the key wont budge . what do I do
I am having problems with my serpentine belt coming off my Town and Country Van. Someone suggested an "enhancement" kit to remedy the problem. Do they work?
I've replaced the alternator & battery! I can't use my heat or air
It is around 40-50mph, will stop if I "MASH" the acellerator
It has a steady drip when the van is not running and as soon as you start the van, the leak stops.
my fuel pump was going bad and would not want to work when it would rain so hit bottom of tank and would fire up for a minute replaced fuel pump started ran fine fired it up again later on worked fine .it rained today and doing same thing wont fire up pops a little but that's about it. can you help me thank you very much ...
Van was fine during trip from Indiana to Phoenix. Made it through the mountains fine, but when we hit the lower speeds here in town we noticed it was missing out. After investigating we found the fouled plug and lower oil level.

Think it's a ring issue, but not positive. This is the first major issue. If you agree it's rings, what would ballpark repair cost be.

Thanks in advance for anything positive you contribute.

I recently replaced my power steering pump and it has been steering fine, not losing any fluid. But almost a week to the day later and it is making noise, and now the steering got stiff again, and the batt light came on?
blinker,door locks,power seat, A/C do not work. Airbag and ABS lights are on. only one fuse is blown(Power seat/Door lock). cannot find a mechanic close by to help. pretty handy want to see if I can do it myself. When I replace the one fuse, everything works for a minute and it blows again? any suggestions
seem to be functioning properly....door will not move???
I've replaced the instrument cluster, repaired the bad soldering joints, checked for bad grounds ,and replaced the pcm all with out success . Someone told me that the ECM controls all those and I must have a bad ecm. The upper display in the overhead concole also isn't working . how much can I expect to pay to have it reprogrammed ?
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