1996 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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engine starts then stalls after 3 or 4 seconds
Where is the fuse to the driver side window want to check that before checking if its the switch
My speedometer will go back and forth between 10mph and 40mph while driving ,the rpm's slowly rise to 4 just before the transmission sticks in 2nd gear and will not accelerate.
Occurs at low to moderate acceleration and disappears above 40mph. Tire inflation is ok. Front stabilizer arms seem ok. CV joints?
[Mileage 185K] The wheels have been balanced by two different shops in the last week, to no avail. Had a stabilizer bar kit installed both sides(Firestone); shake is less, but still present. Transaxle was replaced and differential hub was repaired 9 months ago (left side only)
The shop (same Firestone) first said it might be a problem with the transaxle it had installed. After installing a stabilizer bar kit Firestone says it thinks there is "slack" in the transmission, and that I should go to a transmission shop. Tranny seems to be shifting flawlessly, and I have never had any other problems with it other than a bit of noise it makes downshifting at 5 mph-which I have heard on other Chrysler vans.
Replaced the fuel pump and filter 3 days ago, ran great for 2 days, yesterday couldn't go down the street before it stalled out and wouldn't start, had to push it.
my vehicle shakes when i accellerate from
40 mph to 50 mph but smooths out when i reach 70
I have leak of gas from the fuel injection over valv cover, wath do i have to replace
While driving on the interstate at about 144,000 a loud POP then about 20 miles later a zing sound at which point transmission stopped working. Nothing happens when putting it in drive. When put it in reverse, hear grinding noise. Some say could be linkage problem, some say the computer?
What is the average cost to replace the front main seal?
The housing part of the spring is laying down on my front tire. Did the strut break? Or did the string housing itself break. And how do I go about repairing it?
Why does my fan only blow on the high setting, front and rear?
where do you find the relay switch that gose to the horn?
a few days ago my transmission appeared to give out when trying to accelerate from a stop at a red light, i had it towed home and the next day it appeared to run. today i took it to get the transmission flushed and on the four mile trip the transmission slipped a few times but i made it to the service center. during the flush the fluid coming out had a lot of bubbles in it, clean fluid was put in in and on the way home it started slipping a lot more, going up and down hills, and now i am hearing a whining sound when i accelerate, any ideas for a simple fix? Thanks, nate
after oil change enging shuts off while driving;ignition wires and spark plugs were change 6 months ago; 5W-30 (advance auto brand) was installed; oil drain plug was not replaced during the oil change
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