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The door ajar light has come on and sounds the "Ding Ding" alarm. It will stop for a couple seconds then start up again. Also while that is going on the power locks are going on and off. We checked all doors and they were closed and no one was touching the lock button to trigger the on and off of it. My husband checked the fuses and they seem to be ok. Help!
While driving down the road my van just guits running its acts like its not get gas...could it be the master air flow system or a more system thing? The fuel pump is coming.
started this morning. The speedometer and the rpms not working. THe needle just lays there
For a while my interior lights would go on and off and my door locks will go up and down. This happens when I turn left or hit bumps, at first. Now as of this morning it does it while I am simply pressing the gas while driving. I am wondering if this is the PCM
My ac is not blowing cool air they try to ad freon and it still not working.
somebody stole the mini van in question. so the steering column needs to be replaced. i got one that looks the exact same but i noticed one problem. one group of wires didnt clip into place directly behind the left of the steering wheen. when i examined both i saw there were differences. can the 96 steering column still work in the 2000 version?
1)a/c intermittent cooling during hot temperatures, occasional hissing sound after turned off. When a/c turned off and on, then sometimes works. Drips occasionally passenger side while a/c running

2)Also during the winter, water drips on carpet by passenger feet after parked, sloshing water sound inside passenger side

I would like to try to fix myself. Possible drain plugged? If so, where is the drain located and how can I fix?
About to check and/or possibly change the speed output sensor on the tranny. Need to know if I need to drain it first?
My van won't always shift gears. It's an automatic, 3.8L, V6.
My wife has been having a problem with her van. last night she was on the freeway driving home when the speeddometer begain to jump and the van seem like it was stuck in one gear. I did a reading on it with my pocket scan and recieved the codes P0720 (output speed sensor circuit malfuntion) and P0731 (Gear 1 Ratio). Do anyone know how i can fix these problem without going to the shop?
hello, I lost the original set of keys the other day so I went to a lock smith to get a duplicate key made I tried starting the van and it doesn't want to start, the engine turns over but then stalls do I need to buy another remote for the alarm to disengage it or is there another way I could start it without using the remote ( when I start it the "alarm set" lights up on the instrument panel )
where is the pcm located on a chrysler town and country 1996
issue just started, at drive through once and it shut of just like that. I turned it over and it started again and was fine. Has happened a couple times at stop sign or light. then starts right up. cleaned battery cables but positive one needs replacing. I am think fuel (something) because the airvent was still blowing during stall.
while driving, the transmission does not go into gear properly. this problem occurs all the time, what is the problem?
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