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Car cuts off but starts right back up. It does it several times as driven.. Or just sitting still running. Cuts off, I put it in neutral or park starts right back up.
Car just quit running going down the street. Then no power supply at all. Tried to jump battery burned table up on negative side. Problem started just conking out like out of gas. But each time got worse had to wait to start backup about 10 minutes. Checked fuses not problem ignition code came up at the auto store about a month ago. More detail if you want please help.
When I am driving it usually turns off when I am waiting for traffic light to change
I need to know how to adjust headlights
Shuttered or quit only if i coast it wont shutter
Recently purchased 1996 T&C LXi from original owner. Garage kept well maintained only 77,000 miles. Car had not been driven for 6 months before I bought it. Installed new battery when purchased. When driving the chime goes off randomly for different lengths of time and will happen several times in a few minutes or maybe not again for several minutes. No other indicators, no lights flashing, instrument panel works fine. I have tried turning things on and off while the chime is on but can't get a relationship to the problem. Occasionally the chime will stop when I turn something on but I think it is coincidence. Instrument cluster was replaced about 4 years ago. I have replaced the C pillar light switches, the battery terminals even tried a different battery, no improvement. Does no power to the BCM for 6 months cause it to go bad? I am down to the BCM or seat belt module as the possible cause. I have only driven the van about 100 miles in 5 weeks. The longest drive was about 18 miles total. Thanks for any you can give.
Checked grounds and fuses. Replaced ICM & BCM still didn't fix. Any ideas? PCM?ECM?
My van has two sperate problems. 1 was the hear only worked on high. To fox this I replaced the a/c heat resistor under the hood on the driver side that goes through the firewall. The 2nd problem is the clicking under the dash when I torn the heat on. It only lasts a couple seconds then goes away. I think it's coming from the blend door actuator that's under the dash on the bottom of the blower motor. What's a fix for this? Do I have to replace the part?
Everything has been checked ..diagnostic done nothing is found to be wrong. The throttle body has been cleaned, crankshaft sensor replaced. I'm at my wits end because it's getting dangerous now to drive. Help
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