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Q: Chrysler Sebring will not idle for very long on 2002 Chrysler Sebring

The engine runs perfect, has good power. I just replaced the water pump, timing chain and hydraulic tensioner. I also flushed the cooling system. The oil pan had a small amount of sludge in it so I cleaned it out. The problem has been there before I did all of the above work. Now for the problem. The problem is the car will be running and then shut off at idle.This happens 3 to 4 times in 10 minutes and at random. At any other speed, it runs fine. There is no codes showing and it does not have a check engine light coming on. Could the problem be the IAC Motor or the egr valve? When the car turns off, it will start right away with no problem. Thanks, John.
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Hi John,
How quickly does it shut off? Is it instant like hitting a switch, or slowly like it ran out of fuel?
Can you monitor the fuel pressure, ignition spark and injector operation to determine which one is shutting off?
It is instantly like hitting a switch. I will try to monitor the fuel pressure. It will idle for the first 10 minutes with a couple of surges where the idle goes to 2000 rpm and then drops down to 500 rpm almost to die out and then idles fine for another 3 minutes and then the next surge happens. After it warms up is when it will die and then start up right away-no unnecessary cranking as if the fuel pressure did not run low. Does any of these symtoms point to the IAC motor? Thanks, John
The IAC may be at fault. The way to verify is to tap on it with a hammer when the idle is too low/high, see if it instantly adjusts. If it does, the valve is sticking. If it doesn't adjust, then the problem is likely elsewhere.
Let me know what you find out.
i have the same problem with my 04 Intrepid 2.7L, I still cant figure it out? Did you finally find the problem?
Hi, John here. I replaced the iac motor but I still have the same problem-dying out at random.
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