2009 Chrysler Sebring Questions

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My car thinks it is in drive, but the gear shift is in park. Not able to start it cause car thinks its in drive. 2009 Sebring Chrysler.
Car cranks over but don't start
On a 09crysler crans over but don't start what could be wrong and what should I do
Battery goes dead , I have to get a jump every one or two hours.everytime I drive and turn engine off. It won't start up.
While driving, the car seems to shift to second gear a lil rough. What is this?
There is no heat coming from any settings for heat.
horn works with remote but not from sterring wheel
my horn will work with my remote but wont blow from the sterring wheel
Blower motor went out on my 09 Sebring. I replaced motor and new motor ran fine. Problem now is that motor runs but very little bit of the AC is coming out the vents. I changed my cabin air filter and that helped a little but problem still persists. Air selector switch will move the air from defrost to vents and floor like normal, but still no strong air.

Blower motor runs as it should and I can feel my dash is cold from the AC air running behind it but can't get it to come out my vents. I did notice when looking up under my dash a panel that brings outside air in (white in color) is open while the fan is running and will close when I turn the fan off. Unsure of how to proceed, old blower motor didn't have this issue, only when I replaced the dead motor with a new one.
My ac compressor on my 2009 Sebring still is on even when the ac is turned off. It has 129,000 miles
I've already put in 2 new batteries along with a alternator. 1st time car would start with a jump buto eventually stopped doing that so I put in a new battery n alternator. IMMEDIATELY AFTER new bat. n alt. gets put in the battery light comes on 3 months later it stopped working again. Put in a new battery 3 days ago battery light came back on. ..
The DVD player works fine. All the radio whether FM or AM are static.
It rain two days ago abs light came on won't go off no problem with brakes
Check engine light is on and only blows hot air through the a/c.
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