2008 Chrysler Sebring Questions

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Car won’t start
Car sat for months without being used. Would not start. Jump started with portable jump starter. Drove 10 miles, shut it off. Won't start again even with jump starter. Clicking noise when key turned in ignition
I have no oil leaks and no oil mixing with water but I am using oil and I know the pcv valve is probably gone bad. I searched the net and car forums for more than two hours for the location of said pcv valve and voila! Nothing. I need a simple picture showing the exact location of the part, please. I even looked up the schematics of the motor, to no avail.
is there anything I can do to fix it? should I take it to a dealer or a mechanic. how much do you think the electronic throttle will cost. Can I buy it from other places than the dealer?
Mechanisms for plastic inserts are supposed to slide out after top is up.
my shop said 1200 dollars
the dash lights go off every other day for days or just minutes. is this a wire connection.
my dads car has been having trouble starting. he replaced the battery twice this year. I'm pretty sure the battery was good. I noticed his automatic start doesn't work. and his das lights go on and off. are they related?
Connect seat belt and light and buzzard keep going off, I giggle it and some times stops shortly then starts again
Does bad shocks cause shimmering when the brakes are applied
when opening and closing door the window normally opens and closes a little bit to avoid hitting roof. passenger side window won't automatically go up and down.
When I turn my air conditioner on it starts to tick loudly. I change the settings to warm them back to cold and it still does it. Scary
My dash light does not turn on at night this is a safety hazard I cannot see my spedometer or anything on my Dash I could run out of gas in the middle of the night or end up speeding faster around a turn and lose control. Also my heater does not want to work it does not warm up at all regardless of how high the temperature gauge is on the car. There has to be a recall somewhere about this issue especially about the dashboard not lighting up that is a safety hazard if anything happens to me I can guarantee you I will sue Chrysler for everything they have.
Is the a recall on this part
After a year and a half with no problems, my convertible top stops about midway of going down. I can put it back up but I got the car because it was a convertible. What is wrong and how can it get fixed.
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