2005 Chrysler Sebring Questions

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Coolant reservoir empty bubbling sound after car turned off
It died going down hwy now just clicking sound won't start
I have a code reader and I reset the code and the car start after 10 times and and it runs real good but when I turn it off to go back to start it up it won't start and I have to do the same thing over and over again I'm afraid I'm going to burn out my starter can you please help me
The a/c compressor is not cycling, won't blow cold air. When I perform the self check using the TMC I get a code 50' Changed MTC unit and still I get a code 50, hasn't changed a thing.
humming noise while driving and weak suppression of bump resitance
Tried pulling out Iod fuse its reset for a second then defaults to defrost again, to get the code ac 50 I put the switch to defrost temperature to cold and blower switch to any number but 0.
Car will not shift out of second hear. Cuts off sometimes. Check engine light on.
It only happens when it runs for 30 to 45 minutes. And engine starts to knock right before it quites running but no knocking after it cools down
What seems to make the problem better or worse? only after it warms up
How long have you had this problem? about two weeks
I had a water pump put in, its not running hot but seems like every time I turn on th air condition its smoking from up under the hood around where the antifreeze goes
Where is the fuse for my rear facing console light
The timing belt broke and I am wondering if it is worth replacing or am I looking at valve damage as well. The car has 120K miles on it and is otherwise in good shape.
I am trying to narrow the search to see where my oil leak is
it may last a couple days or weeks this is a 20 amp. that operates power recp, horns ign. fuel, start
I need to replace the engine and want to know if I can go with a different year model engine
aaa came tested battery it was good but the altenator holds 1000 with lights and air on. an with off 1100
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