2004 Chrysler Sebring Questions

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Car cranks but wont start I replaced the coil pack and camshaft sensor still won't start. Spark plugs have no fire and checked for compression has none . fuel pump is working
I just replaced the thermostat and the car is still running hot but my car is not smoking or nothing
My car is overheating
Sensor reading high or shorted open circuit Unplug cylinders 13 and five coil no change in engine
My 02 christler sebrings climate control has no power to it,checked fuses all cine what else could it be?
good what co
cost struts and bushings
The car won't go when u hit the gas but it will kick in eventually like its not shifting into 3rd gear or overdrive battery light comes on won't go off til u shut car off and turn back on but drive so far comes back on brand new battery
It don't stop when car warm up
I had a new top put on one year ago and no leaks. Had new rear window motors. installed. Top is now leaking like a sieve. The drain plugs are not clogged. What can I do?
oil light flickers on when idling at 550 rpm never at driving rpm only has happened 3 times no noise from engine oil is full not due for another change for 1k more I did add a half quart of oil 2 weeks ago not 5-20w is pump on way out
Is it attached to the manifold?
Just need to know how to change the rear 02 sensor on my 04 Sebring which has a 2.4 ltr mitzubishi engine in it
code for the sensor? could it be a coil? My car has a mitzubishi 2.4 ltr engine in it
You know the noise a bicycle makes when you put a playing card in the spokes? Sounds like that, just louder. The faster you are driving, the faster the noise. It only happens when the vehicle is moving and it goes away when the wheel is turned slightly to the right. Sounds like it is coming from the drivers side front.
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