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the water pump was replaced after it ran hot 2 retimed and now when i reach 2500 the engine act lime the rev limiter kicks in at 2500 even in drive cam sensor new
Code 0703 has popped up in my convertible. I replaced the brake switch, checked fuses and replaced the PCM all to no avail. The brake lights work fine, but cruise control doesn't. There are no driving issues and the transmission shifts fine. I need ideas!!
I need to replace the water pump and someone said there are 2 timing chains I have to take off to get to the water pump, is that true
happened again this morning. Tried to start it and it made clicking noise. Tried again and started with no problem. this happened last Friday and again this morning.
Car would not start now and then, i would jump it it would be fine. All of sudden it wont even click over and the dash instrumental light indacators are not illuminated. Not even getting power to my windows. Please, help.
I have a 2003 Chrysler Sebring. The machine said the crankshaft position sensor was the problem. I replaced it but it still wont start and the machine is still saying its the sensor.
key is orginal and its not regerstering had it check and its programed but not doing anything whats out
I was driving my car to work yesterday and all of a sudden I started loosing speed. I then pushed on the accelerator and the car stalled. When I went to start it again all I get is a click from the starter. Battery is good. But can't get the car started to see what's wrong any ideas what it could be?
I have a 2003 Chrysler Sebring convertible and when I got it it would overheat so I replaced the thermostat both head gaskets the water pump gasket. the water pump looked new so i didnt replace it and replaced any other gasket i could get to while i had it taken apart. my car would still overheatand the coolant would boil. So i gave up on it and brought it to the shop. They said it was a cracked thermostate housing. So they replAced that. And would still overheat. So i flushed the radiator twice(which was really bad from the previuse owner not driving it) that did seem to work at first the car stop overheating but steam would come from the reservoir tank this team ended up causing the the bleeder housing to fail and crack so I decided to replace the reservoir tank replace the bleeder housing replaced every tube and took all of the spring hose clamps and replace them with regular screw hose clampsI made sure to follow proper procedure for adding the coolant and bleeding itnow I got the coolant to stop boiling but now its overheatingI don't know if it's any relevance but also the airbag light comes onand it seems like it comes on shortly before it starts to overheatI have ran a engine block leak test 3 time just to make sure that there still isn't any exhaust in my coolant and the test of all been negativeI've run out of things to replace here does anybody have any advice other than scrap my car
car wouldnt crank at all lights,radio,and windows work fine my odometer reading no bus??
The a/c blows cold, but then on hot days especially, it stops blowing cold air and only blows vent air.
chrysler sebring 2003
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