2002 Chrysler Sebring Questions

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I had new rotors and pads put on the front and back of my car, and the car will sometimes jerk when I stop. The vehicle will snatch forward when I press the brakes sometimes. I do not hear any sounds, and it happens when I press the brakes for a complete stop. Not frequently though just maybe once in every four or five stops.
battery is full charge, checked fuses under hood, they loo k good. been sitting for apx 1 month?
When I fill it up drive short distance have to fill it up again. About 2 litres , leak is visible passengers side.near firewall,not leaking from leaking from overflow. It starts somewhere under the overflow.
The heater on my 2002 Sebring works fine for a while and then all of a sudden turns cold. Within a minute or so it will start blowing warm air again.It sounds like something might be shifting in the dash. Any ideas?
Original switch for heating seats is dead. I need to replace it with a standard one. What is the deal with the 2 wires that go to the third pole. On orig switch says pos and neg on 3thrd pole. Read on this site that the 2 wires (white and red/white) sends a signal to a controller ?? on my standard 3 pole switch (has led inside) how do i connect it ?? is it ground wired or is it a switch in the middle of a 12 v rail? thanks
The battery on my 05 sebring is under the wheel well and I need to know what size of replacement battery It takes because it's smaller than a normal car/small truck/van battery
What cause a engine to shut off without warning and want start back up nothing. It has done this twice but first time after battery it ran for 2 days.
Also my ac need freon, and my starter is bad on my car
radio comes on and seems to play but no sound
I installed a new fuel pump module assembly it turns over but it wont go it just cranks and cranks over it acted like it wanted to run and it almost did but when you try to start it it just cranks over
we need to know where the computer is?
Need to know where the cars computer is located
Replaced fuel relay, all sensors, and battery.
Need to know
just happened ,never before
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