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I believe the plenum door is not functioning on my 2001 sebring
Water in floor board
starts up good but starts idling bad when parked or driving
My Chrysler Sebring 2001 will not start, if you do get started it won't stay running, got new battery new alternator belt, it's got a new starter on it. When you hook up to a computer it's saying there's nothing wrong
Put new battery, new alternator belt, checked fuel pump and hooked it up to a computer an it's showing nothing wrong
have changed the water pump,check all the themerstat belt,radiator etc have no clue what could be wrong help
I need to replace the battery, but it does not come out the regular way. Everything on the car is so convoluted. I don't know why they made it so difficult to work on.
Before it stopped working, it would stop working sporadically. Sometimes it would midway and not budge. I would leave it alone for a few minutes and it would start working again, very slowly. One day it just stopped working all together.
When I drive over any bumps the right front rattles real bad why is this
My car stalled and cut off one day when I was pulling in to get gas and hasn't started since. Had the fuel pump and crank shaft sensor replaced and still won't start. I recently discovered the fuses under the hood for the egr/alternator and the injectors are not getting power. Can anyone tell me what could cause this? Prior to the car cutting off that day, it was running fine other than on some occasions when I would turn the to crank the car I would just get a click, but if I waited a few seconds and hit the switch again, it would start right up.
Or also when idling what can I check to fix this issue
The oil has always been full when it does it and no signs of a leak. Would this be caused by a faulty oil pressure sensor. If so how do you replace it. What else might cause this issue?
My story is a little long. I bought this car from a used car lot... I'm a single mother with no financial assistance from the father and told the guy this. He assured me it would get me to and from school for the 16 months needed, but he couldn't guarantee that it would run after that. The first month I noticed minor issues, a slow oil leak that I just watched closely. Then it died. It needed the Water pump fixed (Which required the engine being pulled) 1200$ fix because they also had to replace the timing chain. I drove it for a week after that. It broke down again, in a doctors parking lot. It needed a new sensor. (I can't remember which) I had a mechanic replace the sensor cheap. It worked for 4 days, and died again. The Crankshaft positioning sensor needed to be replaced. So I replaced it too. FINALLY I'm thinking what more could go wrong? I went and picked up the car from my mechanic tonight and on the way home, while at a turning light. It loses all "Go". I don't know how else to put it. I can put the pedal to the metal and I get nothing in return. It will go about 5 on the speedometer. When it gets there, it starts a very violent (And scary feeling) jerking motion. I turned the car off and called my mom to come and help me. She tried the car when she got there, and it was fine. (Naturally) So she decided to drive it the rest of the way home. About 10 minutes in to the drive, this started again. We were not on a hill any time this started happening, though it seems to happen after we stop at a stop light. Does ANYONE know what this is?! How much it's going to cost me to fix it?
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