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My Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI, 2000 has 119,000 miles on it. Nothing but money into it since I paid it off. Now that it finally running good and passed smog, my back window broke as I was putting the top down. Since the top needs replacing anyway, it is going to cost more than the car is worth. Is it worth keeping this car? How many more miles can I expect out of this car? I am retired do not drive much anymore, and do want any new car payments. I do love this car and hope it will be the last car I need. But putting more money into it than it is worth sounds crazy. Please help!
After put in gear then needs to shift you can feel it shift hard. What does it mean?
I was looking into adding an Aux cord into my radio. Obviously, because it is a
2000 it does not have an aux plug. Is there an option just to add the aux plug and if there is how much would that cost?
I wrecked my car and the right side is messed up the right bumper and the fender is messed up and it's not rubbing the wheel unless I turn deep but when I'm going down the road it's hard to hold it in control and it kind of jerks a little bit sometimes
had a alternator put in and i had purchased same day as the alternator was put in it ran. after driving off from the shop it ran great dashed board was cleared off from the engine check light went off as well as the battery icon was off, soon after driving it a
few miles, I decided to stop and get a cold drink and as i put my car in park and proceeded to turn of the car, it kept running sputtered the icon battery appeared along with check engine light ,so i made the choice of drivingc it to where i could have the ability to work on it , so i got to my destanation . i put the car in park and proceeded to turn the key off and it sputtered a lil bit , but then turned off , i was releaved but then again my dash ligts were still on. I was bewildered, not really knowing all the ends and outs , please if theres any one who has had the same the same issues , Ms Bewildered
I have refilled the pump with no result. checked/confirmed to see if the switch is sending electric to motor. It is.when switch is to put top up, no reading when switch is to put top down (?) No sound from Pump or motor at all. some whirs and clicks from doors and dash. Need to at least get the top back up! fixed or not.
Windows get out the way when switch to close top is activated but that's it the roof doesn't move or make sound . Fuses and relays good, swap tested. ?
I have a 2000 sebring convertible that starts hard and stalls after a rain storm. after it warms up it will run great. replace cap rotor and plugs still stalls.
I have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring and it cuts off while driving. Its not the battery or the alternator am trying to figure out what's wrong with it so I can get it fixed and its not the fuses.
The transmission is a 41te in the spider gears came apart a little bit and I have to put the pin in and a new PIN center pin and washer and roll pin it put a hole in the bottom of my transmission which I'm going to can I access the gear gears to replace the PIN with a roll pin without pulling the transmission
Getting good fuel pressure. Crank shaft replaced. Still will cuts out. Is there another sensor that could cause car to still idle and die out? Maybe the Map sensor. Sometimes the radio will go in and out. Acts like there some type of shortage or computer may need resetting. ..maybe fuses. I'm puzzled.
Ive replaced the ignition switch and auto shutdown relay
Moving hvac control knob will not change air flow to floor or dash vents?
Also told needs an air conditioning pressure transducer ...what does that do?
My a.c. compressor has been making a crazy noise for about a month. Belt broke on ac and tension pulley locked. Replaced pulley and belt. Yesterday it was super hot in line at McDonald's. We went on and turned air on despite the horrible noise. We pulled off and car quit after the compressor made a loud bad clanking sound. Pulled up in oreillys to let it cool. Started back but no power to move. Had to toll car home. What happened when the compressor locked up to make car lose power and not move but starts up??
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