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I was Told prev owner and blown heads twice prior to me buying this told me i had a slow leak in radiator. Ive had car the car overheats if i drive it more than 2 to 5 miles Only when aceleratine. I have let it run for and hour and the temp was fine. I also noticed power loss when starts getting past half mark and ive heard a kind of whine growel sound in engine area on passanger side when accelerating from a thinking maybe Water Pump????? No money to go to shop.....any help Would be appricated
will start back up but keep dieing after till it cools down
it run good till it warms up then it pulsates a little and dies i replaced the thotle positioning sensor but still same problem can u help me
How much will it cost to have someone fix the problem
i had oil pump checked., and it checked out ok.
I have asked around and I think I am getting taken by my mechanic...1100.00 to replace the distributor....??? That is labor included and I live in Missouri...What do you think?
I replaced my transmission cooler with a universal. When poking the attachment things thru the A/C radiator thing and thru the radiator, I have a leak. Coming from the front of the car to the back, 1st is the tranny cooler, then 2nd a radiator thing, and 3rd another radiator thing. What is the #2 thing in my description, cause that is what now is leaking thru a fin. Need to know what kind of sealer to get for what peice of the car. HELP PLEASE! Thank you. You have helped me tremendously with other questions. XXOO Thank you, Robbin Young
how much to replace tranny
im getting no check engine timing belt & water pump.oil & filter change less than 500mi ago with 10 w 40quaker state high mileage. 120000 actual. could it be anything besides weak lifters? and its a 2.7
My convertible top goes down but not back up. It also blows fuses. I am pretty sure it is s relay, but I think there are 3 including 1 behind seat. Any ideas? I do not want to have to pull seat.
We have a slow water leak. I've checked hoses and radiator cap and all seem fine. About once/month I need to add about a quart of antifreeze or water.
replaced disturtor cap it still shuts off ater you drive it and it warms up
a/c blows cold untill motor warms up then there is hot air mixed with a/c?
Alternator went out on Thursday. Got car back from shop on Monday. On Wednesday tried to start car and starter just make one quick sqeak and dead. Mech put fresh starter and main fuse in put now the starter just rolls with no fire to engine. Anyone have an idea? Thanks, Jim
looking to find price to replace freeze plugs the two on the front are leeking, but there might be problem with the one behind the flywheel. If you a rough estiment to replace them
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