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The car does this at least threee time a day,
On my 99 sebring convertible jx, when I turn the wheel left to do a u turn, I hear a popping noise coming from the driver side front wheel area. How much do u think it is to fix the problem? And how important is it to fix right away?
2.5L V6 engine. Timing belt is cracked-need estimates for replacement. Mechanic quoted me $900.00.
I believe that is outrageous when I found a timing belt for $68.04.
Replaced spark plugs, wires, dist cap, rotor and crankshaft sensor. Car still cranks several times before starting then once car is warmed up it sometimes stalls when stopping or in reverse.
The pedal goes all the way to the floor and my wife is afraid to drive it. I have been changing my own brake pads and shoes for many years on many vehicles and have never had this before. I am not sure if it is the booster or the master cylinder, or if I screwed up the reinstallation of the calipers. Does anyone know how to check these things. The booster looks like a real pain in the A to get to and I think it may have sprung a vacuum leak or something when I squeezed the caliper piston in to accommodate the new pads. Help Please???
the serves engine light blinks on and off
no codes in computer replace coil in distributor problem still persistsany ideas?
Car stalled upon restarting it just spins freely no sound of engine loping (turning over)ran rough with (cps) code on engine light.
I have put a new radiator,a/c condensor,tranny cooler,fan and sharowed,relays and sending unit. The fan still will not turn on. Any advice or ideas?
I s the key with a chip inside?
the ac went out 2 weeks ago and, now the belt has broken, i just rebuilt the transmission and dont have the fund to replace the ac and belt.
My son hit a small dog taking out the radiator. all has been replaced and the fan will not turn on at all allowing the car to over heat. Sending unit is new. Any ideas. Thank You
once or twice a week when starting dash display and ac compressor dont work minutes or hours later on restart problem is gone
minutes or hours later on restart problem is gone. manual refers to fuse #4 but fuse is fine
how do i get temperature to pass
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