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completely replaced all brake lines and brakes and houses on my wife's car she inherited from her dad. We still have spongy brakes even after vacuum bleeding. Its worse when car is running.
He doesn't know what is causing this, but it needs 5 quarts of oil a month. what does it sound like the problem is, and how much will it cost me to fix it, since he has done all the repairs himself?
I just bought the car, it was lower than book price and the people who I bought it from just took the car to a mechanic and he said that it had a lower intake leak. But on the way home, which wasnt far, it overheated. The guy said to just keep an eye on the gages and the coolant and I should make it home cuz it wasnt all that bad. But when it overheated, I had no warning. The gage went from normal all way up to red hot. Now I'm wondering if I cracked a head. I'm not sure how many times the guy may have overheated it. It could have been a lot and I'm sure he did at least once. The car does leak coolant of course, but I noticed a small spot of oil in the coolant puddle and when I took the radiater cap off the coolant inside does bubble, not rapidly but a little. So, what are your thoughts? I have a couple mechanics in my family who are going to fix the intake but I dont even wanna mess with it if its a cracked head.
Stay started. Everything from distributor, crank censor, fuel pump, new seals and gaskets around manifold, timing belt..several other things as well, but it's fine after its
running for awhile but extremely hard to start. Been to repair shop several times. Any suggestions?
I got my car tuned up and the mechanic showed me that I had a leak so I got it fixed right away. This happend a week ago and now my oil pressure light turned on and my car won't start now. i checked the stick and the oil is at the proper level but i'm confused on why the car won't start and it just has the oil pressure light on. I checked back with the car 3 hours later and it still won't start it will crank but won't start.
Seems to be lots of air in system more heat @high speeds Cooling systemr
Got into a car accident with a SUV,
my hood went under the car and it won't shut now and looks very crooked
engine compartment to gas tank. Both gas straps are hanging by a tread. In 2011 I had Brakes fixed by Hong Kong Auto in Glenview. A year later they went out and Sears told me on older car, calipers should be greased but Hong Kong auto did not do that after charging me over a thousand dollars. Now I find my car is rusted out on bottom and Sears said the salt in winter did it if it was not washed. Chyrsler said car is old and was not driven enough I don't want to repeat mistake... as now it would cost a fortune to fix car and it could still have more problems when line are bled. It was garage kept. Did my car go down hill because it was not washed in winter or was it condensation that ruined my car?
Changed distributor, code still same, chgd crank sensor, same, battery dead, new battery turns over no fire.
I have a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi. We just replaced the starter and it was starting and running fine. This morning it started and then died. When I tried to start it again it turns over but will not start. Gas gauge says 1/4 tank but we put 3 gallons of gas in it anyways.
Still will not start. It is parked in a steep driveway. There aren't any check engine lights on and all the gauges read normal. Any ideas?
Full tune up done a month ago. Check engine light was on but not flashing prior to the tune up. Now the engine stumbles randomly at acceleration and the light flashes randomly also. It does run a little better now its just that pesky misfire that won't quit. Bosch platinum plugs used for the tune up. Autolite plugs were in the car. Car actually is a good car except for this. Also, prior to tune up, it would only hesitate within the first 15 minutes after starting in the morning and after work. Once that happened it ran fine the rest of the day.
We have replaced the following distributor, and cam sensor 2 times each..also New plugs and wires, new timing belt, new fuel pump. the battery is charged nothing wrong with the starter. Was running, turned it off the next day went out to start it and wont start???????
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