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i just had my water lies readone and now the car is still overheating the coolent is actully bubbling out
It ran hot on me yesterday before it got the the Hot I noticed it and pulled over. It was smoking on the right hand side up under the timing belt, and it wasnt oil. It had no water in it and when I try to crank it up it will turn over strong but it makes a funny noise along with it. It looks like the black pan up under the timing belt at the bottom is almost off and possibly is that the reason why its making that noise and wont crank up? Mayb its in the way so it cannot crank? But no engine light come on and it holds no water when I pour water into the radiator it comes out at the bottom near the timing belt.
After driving the car for 15 minutes the rpms will drop to about 500 at a stoplight and the oil light will flash on and off. If I put the car in neutral the light will go off (rpms up to about 700). Sending unit issue? Oil pump issue? Idle issue?
Thanks for the info. New to the site & missed the Estimator Tool. The only thing is is doesn't indicate that my Sebring has a distributor. I know that my 1996 4 Cyl. doesn't have one, but my 1998 6 cyl. does and I can get get no idea of price for it.
I just had a catalytic converter replaced on the car for $1,000 and now I need to have a distributor replaced and right front tied rod. The mechanic is quoting $2,000. This will include a fog lamp bulb, but I think the price is quite high. I live in Pennsylvania. Is this price reasonable?
What constitutes a major tune-up?
I'm replacing the air conditioning compressor and the old one is void of fluid. How do I know how much oil to put in the replacement unit? The book says to measure what comes out of the old one but that isn't going to help me.
1998 chrysler sebring Conv. v-6, when I am traveling up a mountain road, about 15-20 minutes into the 1 hour drive, The transmission will shift in low gear and will not come back out of it, til I pull over, put it on park, shut it off for about 10-30 seconds, restart it and drive off. I works find til it does it again sometimes 3-10 minutes of driving, Does not have this problem while on streets/freeways. What's going on here???????????????
Speedometer and Tach etc. lights are not working. All status and warning lights work fine. All fuses appear to be fine. I do not know how to access the bulb if there is one
Sometimes my car won't start. It will click but won't fire. have replace and secured battery.
engine has a miss has a p0303 code how do i know whitch is the 3rd cylinder
The car was running fine yesterday. It didn't act like there was anything wrong with it at all. I drove it, parked it for the night, went out today to try and leave, and it wouldn't start. It cranks over, but it won't start. It's not a battery problem, checked that. It has plenty of gas in it, and even added $5 from a can just in case. Everything appears normal under the hood and in the car, I just can't get it to start, and not sure why.
how do i know if the hose leaking is pressure or reg its leaking just behind passengers front tire
Why would I need to replace a value cover gasket and oil pan cover twice? They were not more than 2 years old.
i have changed the thermostat and ran it in driveway runs fine but when driven it over heats what can i do to fix this thanks
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