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dash board computer says #4, but other and mostly all mechanics won't tell what it is or mean without checking it good mechanics any more...pleade help...never had problems with her not passing, til I got my fuel injectors put in last year...nor engine light problems...always take care of her so she'll take care of me..turned around ask mechanic why light is on, he checked and i saw the #4, asked what it meant, said he didn't know... I know one thing it has to do with my negative to my battery...cause if my battery shift by hitting a bump or ruff road, the light pops on,if i move the cable it'll go off, so I have something there to keep from moving, and yes I know the cable is loose, like I said No good mechanics...again please help..THANKS
new master cylinder ,pressure bleed still no brakes
new master cylinder , pressure bleed still no brakes
Was make n a turn and cut off and will not start.does nothing
possible collapsed lifter and possibly bad catillac converter.
It is only when u put it in drive. The motor and transmission are fine. Also if u turn to the right it stops.
almost every time i try to start it it constantly turns over on its own. the starter? IS constantly trying to turn over and now wont stay running...
It started about a week ago. The car needed jumbed and when we did the horn won't shut off. So I replaced the battery and that lasted for about 4 days. When we jumbed it now the horn keeps going off and the lights flashing. Pulled the horn fuse took it to auto zone. They told me I have a bad battery. They checked the battery and alternator. I just don't believe it's the battery. We put two in there. Any help...

need a pic of where to find the cam shaft sensor on a crysler sebring 1998
o know if a mechanic can post a picture of where to find the camshaft sensor on a 1998 crysler sebring
checked oil for water,none,water for oil ,none.Waited 24 hours and checked sign off blowed head gasket. tried to start doesnt seem to be firing I am far from a mech.just need to know if it is blowed or worth trying to fix
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